Does It Always Happen?

Lactation Consultant Anne Smith discusses colostrum and "leaking" during pregnancy.
Anne Smith, IBCLC

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This is my third pregnancy. Even though all have been drastically different from each other, I am quite sure that with the past two I started "leaking" breast liquid by now. I'm approximately 23 weeks along. Is there a set time for this to happen, or like all else, each is unique?

The lactation consultant answers
There is no set time for your breasts to start leaking colostrum. Every pregnancy is different, and there is no relationship between when you start leaking, how much you leak, or even if you leak at all and the amount of milk you will produce once your baby arrives.

Some moms never leak at all, some can squeeze out a couple of drops, and others leak enough to soak through their clothes. All these variations are

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