Betsy Bailey Nesting frenzy I have been nesting off and on for months, but I get my energy to clean and organize...
Betsy Bailey

Nesting frenzy
I have been nesting off and on for months, but I get my energy to clean and organize in spurts anyway, even when I'm not pregnant. I had a major nesting spurt the other day. Aside from completely reorganizing the tupperware cabinet, purging and cleaning the refrigerator and freezer and reorganizing to make room for all the food I'm cooking up, I also packed the just-in-case bag for the hospital and baked linens and towels and stuff, too, so they will be sanitized and ready for the birth at home. I picked out two little first outfits for the baby... one to have on hand here at home and one to pack for the coming-home-from-the-hospital, if we happen to end up there.

I can't believe I'm doing all this stuff already. I can still vividly remember my first trimester when I barely had the energy to crawl out of bed everyday. I can't believe I'm now less than three weeks from my due date!!! Wowza, has this gone fast. As I was packing the small suitcase, I was even feeling a little nostalgic for pregnancy in general (since this is my last) already... and I'M STILL PREGNANT. How sick is that??? :-D

Also, I've been bitten by the cooking bug. Last weekend I made a huge pot of vegetable soup to freeze for after the baby is born. It is so yummy and healthy, that I'm thinking it might make a good first meal after the birth. Last night I made another huge pot of marinara sauce. I used part of it to make up a casserole of manicotti (for freezing) and then tons of sauce to have on hand for easy pasta dishes during that early postpartum period. I remember how I was able to eat nonstop when my milk supply was building up in those early weeks! I'm starting to run out of freezer space, but have plans yet to make some goulash and perhaps chili for a nice postpartum stock.

I'm so relieved to be safely at this point! For all the anxiety that surrounds the last month of pregnancy, how nice NOT to have to worry about prematurity anymore. Of course, now that I'm "here," I'm sure it will be weeks yet before I deliver. I went into labor spontaneously with HM and she was born on her due date. A couple of days ago I wrote that I'd had no weird feelings or pre-/early labor symptoms. And I do feel very firmly pregnant and like I will be for awhile yet.

Still, one evening earlier this week I was snuggling with HM on the couch watching one of their videos and had the first Braxton Hicks that actually hurt. It kind of freaked me out because I realized at that moment that if I went into labor right then, I was really not prepared for it... emotionally or otherwise. I have so MANY loose work ends to tie up before I can stop everything and have a baby! When I had that contrax... just one... I got a little panicky and thought, "noooo, I don't want to hurt that badly tonight! I'm not ready!" Since then, my uterus has been very active. Lots of BHs, some of which hurt and some which are merely uncomfortable (and getting moreso all the time because when my uterus hardens it seems to push right into my ribs). It's exciting knowing that things are gearing up.

I'm both ready to meet this new (and very active!) little person and at the same time I know I will miss having a baby inside :-\. Especially since this is our last one... it's a little (maybe a lot) bittersweet to think of not being pregnant anymore, not ever. Anyway, I have the luxury of enjoying pregnancy and I know that's a lucky thing. If I was feeling really miserable, I'd just want it over with. I may be changing my tune soon, I suppose, since I've still got a few weeks before my due date (and it could even be later than that) and baby isn't getting anything but bigger. There is definitely some rib-crunching going on here.

Prenatal update
Well, last week I was only measuring 32 cm, but I was pretty sure it was just the position of the baby at that point in time, because I had been feeling like baby was much higher in my ribs than that prior to the day I was measured. Anyway, at my appointment this week, I was measuring 36 cm! I'm more convinced than ever that last week's measurement was just a fluke. I'm sure baby is growing, but probably not that much in one week ;-). I have also only gained a couple pounds in the last two weeks. I won't be surprised if I have a bit of a loss within the next two weeks because I had that same pattern with Bailey and HM. Baby was ROA again (and still is, I think, because I can feel his/her firm little back on my right side).

Another thing we talked about at my appointment was edema. I haven't had any swelling at all, but last week I was +2 and this week +4. Not a cause for concern... one of my midwives said that that is actually a good thing at this point in pregnancy, because the body relies on that fluid storage after the major fluid loss caused by birth. Apparently this swelling is part of the body's bigger plan :-). Two pregnancies already under my belt and that's the first time anyone has explained it to me like that.

Hormonal Hilda and big sister stuff
HM and I had a major altercation on the way to our appointment. A harried mom, 37 weeks pregnant who didn't eat enough and therefore had VERY low blood sugar, who was late for a midwife appointment... combined with a shrillingly screaming (think fingernails on chalkboard here) child who woke up grumpy from her nap, refused to eat a snack (and therefore had VERY low blood sugar), who also refused to put on her shirt, her coat, her socks or her boots so we could GO already.... well, it's just not good. After having her own personal meltdown that rivaled anything a 2.5 year old can dish out, said mom deposited said barefoot child in the snow outside without a coat to give her a lesson in natural consequences. HM promptly high-tailed it to the car, climbed in and submitted to some winter weather wear, but not without complaints about what a mean mommy she has.

Temper and strong wills aside, Bailey and HM seem to finally be getting excited. Of course we've been talking it up a lot more as we get closer. HM likes to protest the baby coming out at all, but most times she pats my tummy and kisses baby and brags about being a Big Sister. We'll see how it goes. I fully expect her world to be rocked. I'm not sure she has any concept right now of what a "baby" is going to mean to her life.

However, when we went to my prenatal appointment this week (she's been to every appointment and is kind of getting attached to our midwives) she got very excited when we pulled into the parking lot. She asked if the midwivers (I love how she calls them that :-) were going to help get the baby out of mommy's tummy. We told her yes, but apparently both she and Bailey thought that meant that NIGHT.

She and Bailey got excited when I laid back on the couch to have my tummy palpated and fetal heart tones checked. They started talking about the baby coming out and the midwiver helping get the baby out. It was so funny. I wonder if they will be interested in seeing the real thing when the time comes?

Also, Bailey seems to understand that mommy will hurt and maybe (maybe?! ha!) yell and cry when the baby comes. She will spontaneously start talking about how "Mommy will maybe be mean (yell) and it will hurt and then the baby will come. And I will kiss you mommy and make you funny (happy) again! And then baby will cry and she will want milk and you will give her nummies."

She's got it down pat


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