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Hair expert Karen Shelton answers questions on her Hair Boutique site. Here she addresses a common concern of pregnant women.
Karen Shelton

The question
Dear Karen,

Is it safe to color my hair now that I am pregnant? I am not thrilled with letting my dark roots grow out for the next 7 months. I would really like to continue to color it. What do you think?


Karen's Answer
Dear Lisa,

Of course I would strongly recommend that you discuss this question with your doctor and get their opinion. Any type of chemical process that you undertake during pregnancy needs to be seriously considered. The ultimate decision should depend on what your doctor recommends.

You should also consider the possibility that your hair will change during your pregnancy. Hair texture, condition and growth cycles can all be altered for as much as up to one year after birth. In some cases, the impact on your hair from the change in your hormones can last indefinitely.

A change in your hair texture can also affect how color will work on your hair.

If your doctor gives you the OK and you feel that you would be more comfortable coloring your hair, be sure to take any hair changes into consideration.

I personally do not know of any conclusive evidence that indicates danger from coloring hair during pregnancy. If your doctor advises you not to color, ask for reasons why. Ultimately the decision is yours to make. If you would feel better without roots and your doctor is OK with it, you should do what is best for your peace of mind.

As an option you can consider temporary color shampoos (Aveda, ARTec) and color touchup sticks that are free of all ammonia and peroxide.

Best wishes,

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