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What is a push present?

A push present is a gift given to a woman in the delivery room after giving birth. The idea is that women deserve, or earn, a present for carrying the child for nine months and going through labor and delivery. The gift is given by the baby's father, and is usually presented as a "thank you" gift for bringing the child into the world.

Push present expectations

Most men won't think of this on their own, and need to be prodded. If you're a woman who expects a push present, you'll have to hint that such a gift is expected and offer ideas to what you want or need. Because sometimes babies are born before due dates, it would be wise for the father to plan ahead and have something prepared just in case.

The push present debate

Because men have no choice in the matter — women have to be the ones to carry the child, give birth, and breastfeed — a lot of men don't think they owe their wives a gift, because they'd carry the burden, if given the option. Plus, some women even say that seeing their beautiful baby for the first time is all the gift they need.

Personally, I think a push present is a nice touch. It's a celebration of what our bodies can do. And while maybe we don't deserve anything, neither do we for birthdays or anniversaries, right? It's just a romantic gesture that commemorates a huge milestone.

Push present gift ideas

  • A gift card for a massage, a manicure and pedicure, or a complete spa day (with properly planned childcare)
  • Designer diaper bag
  • Jewelry with the baby's birthstone or the baby's name engraved on it
  • A spread of all the foods she couldn't eat while pregnant (Champagne, soft cheeses, deli meats and sushi) on a fancy platter with flowers
  • Coupon book with useful deeds — a massage, dishes, diaper duty for a week, getting up with the baby so Mom can sleep in on a weekend, coffee runs
  • Gift cards to her favorite clothing store for new threads now that she won't need maternity clothes
  • A getaway — depending on what you can afford — like an adventurous camping trip or take off to Mexico
  • Books, candles, bubble bath, bath salts, a plush robe and other items so she can pamper herself
  • An espresso machine with cute espresso cups, a bean grinder and whole bean coffee (she'll need it) 
  • A scheduled photo shoot of your new family and a beautiful frame for your first family photo

what do you think?

Did you get a push present and if so, what did you get? Did you think you deserved one?

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