Carole Was Thrilled At Her Quick And Easy Birth

French-Canadian mom Carole narrates the story of her easy labor and birth.
by Carole

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Carole's story
Hello my name is Carole, we hear too many bad stories about birth, and so I decide to share my story. I found out I was pregnant right away after my missed period. We were so happy. First time....

The whole pregnancy went very well. No nausea. About 13 days before my due date I felt some contraction, and just to make sure I went to the hospital with my friend. And they send me back home. That night I didn't feel well at all, so I decided to go to bed early. The next morning 12 days before my due date, I start to feel some "menstrual cramp" that woke me up at 7 am. I didn't want to go the hospital and be returning home, so I decide to wait and go in the bath and relax.

After my bath my contraction were closer. So my husband and I decide just to make sure to go to the hospital to check it out. It started at about 5 minutes apart but mild. After my bath it continue about 3 minutes apart. So I knew that could be it. But I also knew that the labor could last hours, so I wasn't stress at all. Slowly, we are on our way to the hospital (20 minutes from our house). When we arrive at the hospital they check and time my contractions (I was still thinking we are doing all this for nothing and will be send home again...) After checking me I was at 1 1/2 minutes apart, I couldn't believe it! And not much pain at all! Just little "menstrual cramp."

So they were not happy that I waited that long to go to the hospital. And 4 hours later, after giving me just an injection of Demerol in my bum for the pain (the last hour) I was ready to push. But my doctor didn't came back yet and the baby was pushing. So right away they rushed my doctor in, and just 5 contractions -- 15 minutes later -- my little girl was born Maude (French). We were so happy!! And that night I was walking around like nothing happened. Very easy birth.

And now 5 years later I am pregnant 3 months with the second one, and I am not scare at all of giving birth, they told me to rush at the hospital as soon the labor start!!! To not give birth in the car on the way... We just cannot wait, and my daughter is so happy

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