Although The Labor Started Slowly, It Was Quickly Over

After a couple of false starts, things move very quickly for Sherry, surprising even her nurse!
by Sherri

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Sherri's story
Hello, this story is of my first pregnancy. It is December 21 and 4 am, I am sore in my ribs, so I go to the hospital, the doctor checks me and says it seems the baby may have bruised my sides with his kicking. The monitor is showing slight irregular contractions.

She has me walk around for an hour to see if that will help bring on labor. Nope still irregular.

She tells me I can go home to continue walking, so we go to the mall and walk around, eat lunch and while walking my water decides to break. Well back to the hospital, still irregular pains though stronger, also only dilating to 2 centimeter, will not dilate anymore.

At 10 pm she gives me pitocin -- wow now it's working! Within 10 minutes I have to push, but the nurse doesn't believe me, says she had just checked me. Well, I argue, she checks again, I'm 10 centimeters, and the pushing begins. In 10-20 minutes my little boy is born, 7 pounds 12 ounces. Wow, to now hold this little guy with his powerful kick. Greatest feeling ever!

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