Wanting A Natural Labor, Deborah Had Her Perfect Birth

Deborah wanted to give birth naturally, without much medication. She got her wish when Luke was born. Read this story of a near-perfect birth.
by Deborah

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Deborah's story
Luke was born on Thursday, August 27, 1998. I've been thinking a lot about this first experience. Ten days before my "real" due date, I started having strong contractions. I was surprised but not completely unprepared, since that morning the mucus plug (or bloody show) had made its appearance. By late evening on Wednesday, my contractions were regular and close together, and I went into the hospital about 1 am. My husband, mom and I drove 30 minutes through a rainstorm to get there! It was very uncomfortable. I was briefly checked and told to go home, since I was only 1 cm dilated.

Laboring at home was nice, but I hated the long drive while I was in so much pain. Finally at 5 am, I called a nurse and she said to come back in. This time, I was a couple of centimeters more dilated, and the nurses allowed me to take a wonderful Jacuzzi bath. Our birthing room was amazing. When I got out of the tub I had gone to 8 cm, and I asked for some pain relief. I didn't particularly want an epidural if I could avoid it, so they gave me something in my IV that helped me relax for an hour or so. By the time it wore off, I was alert and ready to push! I couldn't believe how much it hurt, and I wondered why I had refused the epidural! I pushed for about 30 minutes or less, and out came our baby boy.

While they cleaned Luke up (my husband got to watch all this and my mom was recovering from seeing me in such pain), the doctor stitched up a small episiotomy he had made. The stitches hurt worse than the delivery! I finally yelled, which I hadn't done much through the whole experience. But I forgot it all when Luke was given to me -- 6 pounds, 15 ounces, perfect in every way. All I could think about was him -- well, and I was also really hungry, so they brought me some lunch!

My nurses and my husband were really wonderful through the labor process. Their support and our childbirth preparation class helped me deliver naturally, without much medication, which was my preference. I can only hope and pray that our daughter is born as easily as Luke was. Well, not easily, but without major complications.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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