After Ignoring A Potential Problem, Diamond Was Born Safely

Sometimes we like to ignore a strange pain or spots of blood -- either because we think it's all right, or because we don't want it not to be all right. Angela from Arizona tried to ignore her bleeding and pain. "I am again pregnant and vow that I will not put my child in danger by not taking care of myself," she tells us, "And [I'm going to] making sure I work closely with my doctor should any problems arise!" Read her story!
by Angela

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Mom's story
I had the normal two months of morning sickness at the beginning. Only this lasted all day and all night. I lost 10 pounds. I was only a 100 pounds to begin with. Once the first trimester was done, I started feeling much better. I had a lot of energy.

In my fifth month I took a trip to California to visit my aunt. We went to San Francisco. We walked a lot, so it was no surprise that I started bleeding. It wasn't much at first. That night I thought I might have a bladder infection so off to the hospital I went. They did an ultrasound and a urine culture and nothing was found. I went home to Arizona, and by the time I saw my doctor the bleeding stopped.

When school started in August, I was still five months. I was fine except some slight spotting in September. Placenta abruption was mentioned. At the end of October I was under a lot of stress at work. I was actually working two jobs at the school, my regular classroom, and I was the dance team sponsor. It was the dance team causing the stress, so I quit that in early November. I started bleeding heavier after that.

On November ninth, my coworkers talked me into seeing my doctor. I went on November tenth and she told me to stay in bed for the rest of the week and come in every other day for non stress test. Wednesday was a holiday and the first day of my Lamaze classes.

I was a good girl and stayed home(missed Lamaze) that day and Thursday, but if I stayed home any longer I would not have any leave left for post-birth. I only had ten days as it was, and I was the bread winner in the family.

So Friday I lied to my husband and said I wasn't bleeding any more and I felt fine when in reality I had been awake with a horrible back ache since 3 am. This was Friday the thirteenth! I went to work because I was interviewing for a new aid in my classroom, and I wanted that done before I left. I had contractions through the entire first interview, and they were getting worse. I laid down to try to stop them but they got closer together. I worked in one town where I did not trust the hospital (I was born there and they almost killed me and my mother!) So the principal of the school drove me 45 miles to my hospital and doctor.

They started me on a monitor and an IV to stop the labor. My doctor decided 34 weeks was too early for her to deliver at that facility. A catheter was inserted, and I was put on a helicopter to Tucson 100 miles the other way. My husband and Mother had to drive. They made it to the hospital 20 minutes after me. The doctor assessed me and said they would stop trying to stop the labor. It was a long night.

I remember being in a lot of pain and crying. They wanted me to get some rest so they gave me Demerol shots that night. I slept and my mom and Husband stayed up all night. The next morning at about 9 am the doctor asked me if I wanted to have my baby that day. Placenta abruption was again mentioned. They were specialists in the area of pre term births so I felt in good hands.

They broke my water and put the baby on a scalp monitor and started inducing my labor. They asked if I wanted an epidural, and I said no because my mom was left paralyzed for three days after she had one with me and she was unable to breath on her own. So they offered narcotics. I took those, but all they did was make me so sleepy I couldn't help ease my own pains. I finally broke down after three hours of hard labor and crying and had the epidural.

It went smoothly thank God. After that everything was easy. I was fully dilated at 3 pm on Saturday November 14th. They gave me and my husband a crash course in pushing and at 3:30 pm, without tearing, I delivered Sandra Diamond. She was 5 pounds, 5 ounces and 16 inches Long, but not breathing very well. My husband went with her to NICU where he sat with her for 4 hours while they put tubes in her and hooked up machines.

I cried when I first saw her so helpless and struggling to breath. She got better the next day and then went home straight from NICU the same day as me. The moral of this lesson is put your baby first. I am again pregnant and vow that I will not put my child in danger by not taking care of myself and making sure I work closely with my doctor should any problems arise!

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