Ximena's Second Birth Was Much Easier Than The First

In Florida, the birth of Ximena's second child was much easier than that of her firstborn! Her labor was augmented with Pitocin. Find out more about the delivery of her son Connor.
by Ximena

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Ximena's story
Connor was a breeze to have, compared to my first birth, during which my labor lasted 17 hours.

We had planned for a second child and were hoping for a boy, since we already had a little girl. The nurse confirmed it with the statement, "I am 100% sure its a boy." For the most part, my pregnancy was easy. I had been dilated to 4cm for quite a few weeks, and even after living through a hurricane, I still would not go into labor. Finally, one Friday, my husband woke up late for work, and was sure he would be in trouble. I told him not to worry because I was cramping a little and felt the need to go to the hospital.

After calling ahead, they requested we go just to make sure everything was okay. We arrived at about 9am and kind of sat around, hooked up to measure the contractions. There were hardly any, but when the doctor came in, he said I was definitely ready and went ahead and broke my water.

I was given the epidural and Pitocin to speed it up, but unfortunately one was faster than the other was. More Pitocin was given, but by then I felt the need to push Connor out. I remember my father telling me that everything was okay, and that I better get the baby out before General Hospital came on at 3 pm!

Four pushes later, at 2:55 pm, Connor Allen was born, weighing 8 pounds, 10-1/2 ounces. What a joy he was.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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