Induced At 5 Cm, Kathleens Baby Was Ready

Kathleen in Wisconsin's third baby was induced two days early because she suffered from hip problems. Already 5cm dilated, all she needed was her water to be broken and some time to walk around to get labor moving. Read more about her birth here!
by Kathleen

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Kathleen's story
This was my third baby and I had an uneventful and easy pregnancy. I was due February 14, a Saturday. I told my doctor I didn't want to have him on Friday the 13th, and since I had very bad hip trouble from the 6th month of pregnancy and was already dilated to almost 5 cm, he decided to induce two days early. He told me to be at the hospital at 7:30 am. I didn't sleep the whole night I was so anxious. We arrived at the hospital at 7:15 to check in and went into our room. The hospital was really full and they didn't know if they would be able to do it. But my doctor talked them into it. He broke my water at 8:30am and instructed me to walk to bring on contractions. He would come back at noon, and if I wasn't going anywhere, they would use pitocin. I was NOT going to have pitocin, so my poor hubby and I walked non-stop.

At 11:30 I started having little piddly contractions, nothing to speak of, and at 12:30 my doctor came. I begged him to give me more time and my nurse said, "If anybody can do it she can - she's super mom," so he decided to give me another hour. He was stuck with patients at the clinic and didn't come back in an hour.

Around 2:30 I really was contracting well and I asked for something to help me rest. Stadol had always worked well with my other labors. They gave me the Stadol and I rolled over assuming I would get some sleep. By this time, I was only still dilated to not quite 6. My husband left the room to have a cigarette and immediately I was in excruciating pain! The Stadol made my head cloudy and I couldn't get on top of the contractions, I began to cry. My husband and my nurse walked in at the same time and I asked for an epidural. The nurse told me to go to the bathroom so I wouldn't need a catheter while she called the anesthesiologist. I thought I would have the baby in the toilet it hurt so much.

I finally got back to bed and she put in the IV and checked me. I was dilated to a 7-8 and she said the anesthesiologist was in surgery and would be there as soon as he could. I was in agony. My head was cloudy and the contractions had been coming every minute since they started. Five minutes later, she checked me again. I was at 9 but his head was slipping right through. I felt the overwhelming urge to push and yelled at her to call the doctor. I only have 10 minute pushing stages and I knew we didn't have time to waste. She ran out and within minutes my doctor was there. They took the bed apart and in walks the anesthesiologist! He said, "I really can't do anything for you now," and I said then get the hell out! (Rude, I know, but he was my enemy at this point.)

I pushed once and his head came out, they said he was trying to cry already! I pushed again and the rest of him slid out. Silence... I said, "He's not crying - what's wrong??!!! And they said, "Nothing - he is just a happy baby!" Christian was 6 pounds, 8 ounces. They put him on my tummy and he looked up at me with this wrinkled forehead as if to say, "So, you're my mom?" My husband cut the cord. We were in love! I instantly was oblivious to the excruciating pain I had just endured. I felt a burning sensation in my groin and I told the doctor that I thought I tore (no episiotomy) and he said, "Yep, just a little skid mark though" I was up walking the halls with my newest bundle of joy in less than two hours, and was the happiest woman

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