Mom Drove Herself To Hospital For The Arrival Of Her Son

Beth in Texas drove herself to the hospital after her water broke. Read more about her son's birth here!
by Beth

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Beth's story
A few days before I went into labor, I lost my mucous plug. Early Wednesday morning, my water broke, except that I didn't know that's what it was! I went to work (half day) and did other errands as usual. Jason and I came home for a nap at about 4:30. By now, I was heavily leaking, so I called the doctor. After having the doc finally call me back, I headed to the hospital approximately 7:30 p.m.

I drove myself to the hospital. By the time I had reached the facility, my belly had dropped! I waddled my way in to be checked and they tell me I'm at a 3. I was scared out of my wits because this was it! But I figured that billions of other women had done it before me, I could do it too.

Soon, relatives were showing up; and Jason too after his nap . I was laughing and having a GOOD time until I reached a 5 or 6. They administered the epidural around 10:30 that evening. The painless experience made it go by so quickly, that I was delivering in no time.

I delivered Austin at 2:30 that next morning (Thursday). At 7 pounds, 11 ounces, he was a perfect baby. Now, I'm due with my second in January 2000, and am excited as all get-out. I just know this one's gonna be a breeze!

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