May 12 Damn. Another night of false labor, :-( Waaahhh!!! I knew not to get my hopes up, but I couldn't...

May 12
Damn. Another night of false labor, :-( Waaahhh!!! I knew not to get my hopes up, but I couldn't help but get excited.

They were regular (about 10 min. apart/ 15-30 secs long). They lasted nearly all night. They HURT. They started to increase in intensity and duration.

And now they're gone. And here I am.

This sucks.

May 12 - more
Well, we didn't really do anything *fun,* but that's how I wanted it; we had work to do! Tony's parents came up and I fixed dinner (chicken in the crock pot with boiled potatoes and frozen veggies---nothing fancy!) after they helped us paint the kitchen/dining room. This project has been pending for the past year and I feel GREAT that it got done before the baby came. I was on my feet most of the day and up and down chairs and ladders. I think that accounts for all the contractions last night. Unfortunately, it didn't get me anything but tired! Oh well...

Anyway, it wasn't really a "special" day, but we had a good time together. Tony's parents were in one of their phases where they didn't say much to get on my nerves. Sometimes they're good that way ;->. Actually, Tony was being a real jerk. In some ways I can't blame him; he's as tired of taking hormonal crap from me being pregnant as I am of being pregnant. I told him that if he said "I love you" for every time he said he was sick of me yesterday, I'd have had a super, super wonderful Mother's Day (in his defense I was very much in my bossy, forewoman mode). He felt really bad after I said that though, so I was avenged. For some reason, it didn't hurt my feelings that much. I think because I knew he was tired.

May 13
I've been loathe to type this all morning for fear of jinxing myself. I started having contractions last night that were uncomfortable but very widely spaced and I figured they'd last all night and be gone by morning. Well, they've never gone away and now it's been over 12 hours. They seem to be getting more organized (!!!) and are higher on my abdomen and making me a wee bit nauseous.

PLEASE let this be it! If this is not it, I'll be in contention with Connie for the loooonnnngest labor ever. For heaven's sake, I've had contrax off and on for the past 2 1/2 weeks!! I live in fear of having them get intense and close, going clear to the hospital (45 minutes away) and getting sent home. Yuk.

Anyway, I'm just going to hang out and see what happens. I have some furniture to move around (carpet got laidtoday!!) so maybe that will kick-start things. I don't know how bad they should get before I call Tony. I have Bailey today and he's at work and has an hour's drive home.

Fervently hoping THIS is it... (and if it's not, I'll never never never ever send another post about it until my water breaks),

Later on May 13
I seem to be in a very LOOONNNGGGG holding pattern with these contrax. They are not going away, but they aren't changing much either. Tonight's agenda:

breast pump

I don't think the baby is engaged, though; still feels high. So maybe anything I do is futile. Sigh. My time will come; it's not like it's months away, after all. I'd be a lot happier if I wasn't having *any* contractions instead of this fake-out! I'm afraid to even go to work (I'm in the agency alone) for fear labor will pick up. So, I'm not disappointed, but increasingly anxious. I wish something irrevocable would happen, like my water breaking!

May 14
I'm still here. And just a tad bid on the cranky side. Contractions got really geared up last night while I was working upstairs (and we got it all done--FINALLY--and just in time; still some details to attend to, but the big stuff is done). I went to bed at about 12:30 am, slept pretty good until 4:30 when a doozy of a contraction woke me up. Got up, showered and puttered around. For the next 3 hours they were 6-7 minutes apart 30-45 secs long and I thought this was it. Then they stopped :-(

This is going to be one of *those* labors.

Tony called in and everything. He's sticking around me today, though, just in case (in fact, he basically notified work to start his family leave. I'm definitely not comfortable being alone all day. My doula is on alert. I'm still having contractions, but they are very far apart and irregular. When I have one now, however, it *really* hurts; I have to remind myself to relax through it. Well, there's always more housecleaning to do, so I'm going to get to it...

I didn't have sex or use the breast pump last night. Maybe that's why I'm still here. Gotta go get motivated...

More on May 14
Well, just wanted to share this one with you. I just love the irony. When I was breastfeeding Bailey, I had a horrendous time with the breast pump. My milk would just not let down and I was using a hospital-grade rental. I think I was finally getting the hang of it by the time I stopped bfing, but prior to that I could only get an oz or so and this was when she was getting considerably more!

Anyway, in hopes of stimulating some more regular contractions today, I pulled out my handy-dandy *hand-held* breastpump and didn't even bother to attach a bottle to it. WELL, the colostrum started to FLOW!! Unbelievable. And what a mess. So now I have a bottle attached to it.......geesh.

BTW, this nipple stimulation technique works in a major way (especially if you're already on the road, I suspect. Nothing really works if you're not ready, IMO). I only did it a little bit on one breast and noticed an immediate increase in contrax.

Evening of May 14
NOTHING is going on here labor-wise. Contrax have all but stopped. Tony is going to still take off for family leave since that allows me to just take life at my own pace and not worry about petty production reports and people's insurance woes. That is anxiety-relieving in and of itself, although it does put more pressure on Tony (oh well, at least he doesn't have to feel the labor pains...).

Even later that day
Wow!! That was terrifying! A tornado went about 500 feet south of our house (didn't touch). We didn't see it, thank God, or I'd be reduced to a pile of blithering jelly right now and rendered fully incapable of typing *anything.* I was scared enough when the "tornado sighted" sirens started going off. One inch hail came down; it was a white out for about a minute. The sun shone the whole time (THAT'S freaky!). No wind, very little rain and very brief. Weird storm.

We didn't hear until afterwards how close the tornado was. Hell, if that doesn't induce labor, I don't know what will!

Scary stuff, but no damage of any sort in our neighborhood...

After watching the news we come to find out that the worst storm cell in the state was on a collision course with our house. Prior to its arrival we were watching the approach on TV and the cell on the radar was headed directly at us. Bullseye!

Fortunately, the tornado passed about 500 feet south of our house (we didn't even see it). We live way out in the country, so the only damage in our neighborhood was to trees along the road. Wasn't much fun, though, squeezing into the closet with a DH who is 6'6", a frightened one-year-old and uncooperative 9 months pregnant belly! And hearing those sirens for real is terrifying.

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