In celebration of my daughter's second birthday, I assembled this labor diary, culled from e-mail messages to her May moms group. "These posts detail my prodromal labor and cranky state of mind." she says. "Bradley even has a name for it: 'The Any Minute Now Labor.'"

May 6
Starting to have some leetlecontrax -- fingers crossed

Funny thought today: if I'd wanted a repeat c-section scheduled, we would have scheduled it for week 38/39 (like, NOW!). As tempting as that is starting to sound, I'll pass on a section if at all possible!!! Bleh.

May 7
I have some good news from my 38 week checkup: my doctor has backed off from wanting to induce me next week. He asked, but he phrased it, "How would you feel about scheduling an induction next week?" I said I'd rather wait for spontaneous labor and he was cool about it. I think this is partly because, despite intermittent contrax for the past couple weeks, my cervix is not progressing at all. His exact words when he was checking: "You are SO not ripe!" (1 cm dilated; 50% effaced). I think it would be a futile effort anyway; guaranteed failure-to-progress and c-section if we tried it now.

Unfortunately, I had some worrisome news at this appointment, too. I have lost SIX pounds since last week. I did have bronchitis last week, but I was eating pretty normally; never vomited, no diarrhea or anything. My OB is not one to worry about weight, but he seems a bit concerned about it. Then, when he measured my fundal height, I'm measuring smaller than avg for dates (approx. 36) which by itself is no big deal, but I was measuring right on target for dates. And the baby is not engaged, so that doesn't account for the measurement. As a result, he has scheduled me for an ultrasound on Friday. He wants to do a weight estimate of the baby. He said he doesn't put much stock in those for exact weights, but he will be able to gauge that the baby is still growing. Assuming that all is well, he will honor my wishes not to be induced.

One more thing on the good news front: lots of crampy contrax this afternoon. Semi-developing into a pattern. Maybe this baby will just be born and put ALL my concerns to rest. I know I could have these for a long time with no progress, but hopefully not past my due date!

Also, about 10 minutes ago I went to the bathroom and had some show (maybe from today's exam?). I know I'm getting my hopes up. Hope it's not unwarranted...

Please, please, please let it be soon!!!

Lastly, we settled on names. We had names chosen for the whole pregnancy, but scrapped them two weeks ago, because we were becoming bored/dissatisfied with our choices. Now we thinnk we are set. Subject to change, of course, until the birth certificate is signed!

May 9
We had an U/S today to make sure the baby was growing (it was -- doc estimates about 7 lbs right now). Well, Tony and I caved after all this time and we know what we're having now. Looks like it's going to be... a girl!!!

Another girl! AND, my next appointment isn't until a day after my due date. So I have at least 9 days with no induction pressure -- now if my body will just cooperate!

C'mon Baby!!

May 10
No labor yet, but lots of signs that it may be happening sometime soon. I've had a couple bouts of false labor and got very excited for nothing. And of course these episodes tend to occur between midnight and 3 am. My doctor was wanting to try to induce me at 39 weeks (the 12th or 13th), but it was more for my convenience (and his) and I said that I'm not that uncomfortable. I'd rather not have pitocin induction if I can at all avoid it. There's no medical reason to induce, so he didn't have much choice but to go along with my wishes. Plus, as he put it so eloquently, I am "SO not ripe." My cervix is only 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced; not a good state to attempt an induction.

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