Don't Listen To Everything You Hear

The advice starts when you're pregnant and it doesn't stop there. Everyone and their mom wants to tell you how to raise your child, because they obviously know best. We asked real moms to tell us about the worst parenting advice they've ever received! Hey, we've all been there.

Worst advice

Give your baby chicken bones as teething toys

"My mom told me to give my girls pork chop and chicken leg bones when someone was done eating to chew on while teething. Not only is that unsanitary, but talk about a choking hazard!"

Prepare myself for failure

"My aunt told me to 'prepare myself for my kids to fail in life' because I had them before I was married. They continually prove her wrong — they're amazing kids." — Amy B.

Sleep when the baby sleeps

"The worst parenting advice I received was to sleep when the baby sleeps. Because when you have a baby that doesn't sleep, it's not all that useful!" — Laura W.

"Sleep when the baby sleeps. Are you kidding me? I have dishes, laundry, dinner, more laundry — the list is endless. There's no time for napping." — Cressida L.

Enjoy every single minute

"Make sure you enjoy every single minute. I hate that saying. It's setting up a parent to fail and adds unnecessary guilt as you will obviously not enjoy every minute nor should you be expected to." — Anne L.

You should co-sleep

"To co-sleep. I listened, and it was the biggest mistake ever. My 6-year-old still climbs into bed with me every single night! And looking back, I feel like it was kind of dangerous." — Angel A.

"Everyone is crazy about co-sleeping these days. It is a bad habit to start. Babies should never be brought into bed with parents. Especially as an infant — you could roll over on them, they could fall off the bed. It is a hard thing to break later on, too." — Mary S.

Let your baby cry it out

"Worst? To let your infant cry until they fall asleep. Infants are not able to manipulate. When they cry, they have a reason. While it may not be a tangible reason such as a wet diaper, hunger or pain, it's still a reason. They may need the closeness of a caretaker, an emotional need. They cannot go to the person they love and say, 'Hey, I need a hug,' like we can." — Marlena D.

Relax, it gets easier

"To relax because 'it gets better' has always been my favorite. When my child is crying in the middle of a store, or throwing a fit, it is not easier. There will always be something stressful later on!" — Rebecca C.

Set restrictions on yourself and kids

"Pre-kids, I gave myself my own awful advice by using the term 'never' more often than I should have. Like, 'my kids will never use a pacifier' (wrong) or 'I will never have a child who acts like that' (wrong, again). Three kids under the age of 7 proves that we are each born with distinctive personalities and no two kids can be parented in the exact same way. It's a learning process with each and every one." — Jasmine F.

Don't worry, parenting comes naturally

"That becoming a parent is easy and it just comes naturally to you after you have the baby. It really didn't. Nobody told me you can become this weird kind of depression called postpartum." — Tara K.

To use, or not to use, certain baby items

"'You don't need a baby monitor, it's a waste of money.' Some nights I slept so hard a train could have driven by. The monitor was necessary." — Elyse L.

"My husband's colleague told us to purchase a baby monitor with great range so that we could put our 6-month old to bed, and then head to the pub across the street for a few beers. Frightening!" — Lara C.

"'I was told by a few different friends to use reusable cloth diapers. Look, I get it, you want to be green and save the environment, but I have enough to do. I don't have time to wash poop out of diapers several times a day." — Steff R.

Bite him back

"When my son was 1, he went through a 'biting mommy phase' and several people told me to bite him back. I of course never did and he grew out of it, but I couldn't get over how people were so quick to encourage me to hurt my son in order to teach him a lesson." — Erica M.

Make them clean up their own "accidents"

"If they poop in their pants, have them clean it up. Sorry, but that just created a much bigger mess and was completely unsanitary." — Marija B.

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