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Bloating, mood swings, backache and occasional vomiting aside, pregnancy is overall a time of delightful anticipation. When will you first feel the baby move inside you? What will you name him or her? How will you decorate the nursery? What will baby’s first word be? And, above all, will you be a Cool Mom? Or will you be an embarrassment to your kids and yourself? Take this quiz and find out.

Celeste Gish


Quiz: What kind of mom will you be?

1. When your teenage child’s friends come to the house, you will:
a) Demand that they remove their shoes
b) Offer them snacks and beverages, then stick around to watch TV and chat up everyone
c) Stock the frig and make yourself scarce—without leaving the premises
d) Offer to bartend.

2. Your kid’s diet will be:
a) Nothing that isn’t made from scratch by you
b) Pizza, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches 
c) Whatever he or she can scrounge from the Hover Mom next door
d) Hors d’ouevres from last night’s cocktail party.

3. Your pre-pregnancy wardrobe was mostly:
a) Tasteful, tailored pants, tops and skirts, mostly from L.L. Bean or Talbot’s
b) Mom jeans, comfortable shoes and your cleanest baggy T-shirt 
c) Trendy; you’ve even been known to borrow an outfit or two from your teenage niece
d) Spike heels and anything to show off your new implants.

4. When your 12-year-old daughter wants to get her ears pierced, your reaction will be to:
a) Go ballistic and threaten to take away all privileges if she even mentions it again
b) Suggest she wait another year
c) Take her to the jewelry store and hold her hand while her ears are pierced
d) Take her to your favorite body piercing and tattoo parlor so you can use your Valued Customer discount.

5. In your spare time you:
a) Are PTA president and Room Mom to both kids’ classes so you can stay as close to the little darlings as possible, even when they’re in school
b) Lead a Girl Scout troop, shop and garden
c) Run marathons and coach cheerleading
d) Like to watch Tivoed episodes of “Celebrity Rehab” while you text your friends and update your Facebook page.

6. You drive a:
a) Beat-up minivan with Cheerios stuck to the floor
b) Volvo station wagon
c) Sport utility vehicle
d) Vintage Camaro.


Mostly As:
You will be Geek Mom, and there is absolutely no danger of you ever being even remotely cool. In fact you will be a constant embarrassment to your child or children. On the plus side, they will respect you for your consistency and will probably never come home with pockets full of bad report cards, cigarettes or Ecstasy. Their friends will also respect you and so will their friends’ parents. You should probably consider running for political office.

Mostly Bs:
You may have random moments of coolness, but overall you will be the laid-back, likeable Regular Mom, always ready with homemade cookies and juice boxes for everyone. When the time comes, you will embarrass them with public hugging, volunteering at their schools, talking too loudly, singing along with the radio, breathing and other crimes against humanity. But your children will love you because that’s what Moms are supposed to do. (It’s in the manual.)

Mostly Cs:
You will be the Mom all the other kids wish they had. When your kids are little, you will let them jump on the beds and eat cake for breakfast. When they’re teenagers, they will confide in you, and you will not freak out when you find a condom (unused) in the bedroom. Their friends will almost believe that it wasn't that long ago that you were a kid yourself. Rock on, Cool Mom, but remember: as cool as you are, you will still get your share of “Mommm! Please stop, you’re embarrassing me!” with the accompanying, mandatory eye-roll.

Mostly Ds:
Put down your blinged-out cell phone and stop disco-dancing down the aisle in the supermarket. You are on the path to becoming Annoyingly Cool Mom, the most mortifying of all. You’ll be the one who helps her kid choose the right shade of green hair dye and uses acronyms like “OMG” and “BFF”—or whatever the current slang is when your child is a teen—to his or her endless embarrassment. But, on the bright side, your child will have no choice but to rebel in the opposite direction. He or she will probably be well-mannered, studious and responsible—just to spite you.


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