Take This Fun Quiz To See How Many Kids You Have

What’s the right size for your ideal family? A single child you can nurture and provide with the best of everything? Two kids who will have each other as built-in best friends (or not) for life? Three for maximum negative impact on the environment, Mother’s Day gifts and grandchild potential? Or maybe a whole litter—à la Octomom?

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According to a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture report, the cost of raising a child born in 2006 will be $197,700 through age 17, for a family earning an average of $59,300. And that’s just for food, clothing, orthodontia and other essentials. When you add in the wireless phone that does everything but wash dishes, private school tuition, Promzilla and college, we’re talking major moolah. 

Of course, choosing to raise a child—or children—is a decision that should be based on your capacity for emotional nurturing, whether or not you love children and, if applicable, the needs of your existing child(ren). That said; why not take this completely unscientific quiz to see help you determine the right size for your family?

You live in a:
 Chichi loft in an upscale urban area
B. Two-bedroom home or apartment in a suburban neighborhood
C. Three-bedroom home on a quiet cul-de-sac in a gated subdivision where every family owns at least one minivan
D. Four-bedroom 2,500-square foot home donated to you, complete with four-crib nurseries in every bedroom and the den.

Your age:
 Under 21 years
B. 22 to 31 years
C. 32 to 40 years
D. 41 years or older.

You are a:
. Student
B. Professional person, working full-time outside the home
C. Former gainfully-employed professional turned stay-at-home Mom (husband brings home the big bucks)
D. Former exotic dancer, now stay-at-home Mom living on welfare.

Your attitude toward children:
 Will be around them if someone pays you to babysit
B. Some are annoying, some are adorable
C. Kids give life meaning but they’re a huge responsibility
D. I love kids! The more I have the more attention I get.

Your marital/family situation:
 Single and loving it!
B. Married or in a committed, long-term relationship
C. Married or in a relationship, one child
D. Divorced with three or more children.

Results: Your ideal number of kids

Mostly As: No kids for now. When you grow up, and possibly get married, you can have one that you will pamper, adore and spoil rotten. Meantime, don’t let that birth control prescription run out.

Mostly Bs: Your relationship is stable and your attitude toward child-rearing is healthy. If your family is debating whether or not it’s time for that second child, remember that there will always be reasons for and against and plenty of people to tell you what to do. However, there will never be enough money or time to give to another child. So make this decision based on your heart and gut—but don’t forget to discuss it with your spouse.

Mostly Cs: Congratulations, you’re one of the decreasing number of families that can afford to feed, clothe and educate the “luxury good” known as baby number three. By all means, go for that third child, a.k.a. “ostentatious display of good fortune” in today’s economy. Now all you have to do is convince your spouse—assuming you have one.

Mostly Ds: Move over, Nadya Suleman, because you are the next Octomom! Start stockpiling baby names now. Schedule the necessary cosmetic surgery and in vitro fertilization today, then begin searching for a publicist—or three—to book those appearances on Dr. Phil and Oprah. And don’t forget to reserve a URL so people can go to your website and make donations, leave comments or send items to you and your litter.


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