I have mixed emotions about rocking chairs. Some new parents I know swear by them; noting that they're relaxing during...
I have mixed emotions about rocking chairs. Some new parents I know swear by them; noting that they're relaxing during late night feedings, and good for rocking your baby to sleep. Other parents I've known consider the rocking chair an additional expense that makes little sense if you already have seating.


I did have a rocking chair when I had my son (it was a gift) and while I did find it useful for rocking Cedar in, I didn't like it for feeding. I usually sat on the sofa with my Bobby to feed Cedar or we laid in bed. The rocking chair was too rocky for my tastes during feeding time. My final say; I could go either way. If I was expecting a baby now, I don't know that I'd pay money for a rocker, but I'd accept one as a gift. If you do decide a rocking chair is on your must have new baby items list, here are some things to consider: Buy for the long term: You might think it's cute to get a rocker that matches your nursery decor, but if that decor is pastel green or themed, that rocking chair is never going to look ok elsewhere in your house. Buy a color and design that will later be fine in the living room or master bedroom. Consider a glider: My rocking chair more rocked than glided. I like gliders better. They're not so bouncy and that makes it easy to sooth a baby to sleep. Get an ottoman: Don't get a chair, and not get a ottoman/footstool to go with it. You'll be more comfortable, especially if your baby falls asleep in the chair as you hold her, and you can't get up for a while. Spill-proof it: You can spray a rocking chair with something like scotchguard or simply buy a rocker made with stain resistant fabrics. You're going to get milk and spit-up on the chair, so protecting it is important. See more rocking chair buying tips from Consumer Reports. A few good rocking chairs: First the one you see at the top of this post - Dorel Vintage Estate Glider - Espresso. Great basic color and nice dark wood look. Plus it looks nice and comfortable. Other nice ones from Babies R Us...(don't forget, you'd need to add an ottoman)


Rock-A-Bye Upholsterd Chenelle Square Back Glider - Chocolate


Dutailier Sleigh Glider only in Harvest Finish with Dynamo Tan Fabric

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