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  1. New moms

    Work and maternity rights

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    Before you inform your employer and colleagues at work that you are pregnant, you need to give some careful thought to the issue of...
  2. New moms

    Developing trust

    Newborn babies need to become attached to at least one person who provides security and love. This first and most basic emotional...
  3. Postpartum

    A hairy problem

    Did you really think that the thick, lustrous hair you had during pregnancy was going to last? Alas, no. Around three months...
  4. New moms

    Postpartum Sex

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    Low sexual appetite is normal during some phases of childrearing, but will it be this way forever? Valerie Davis Raskin, MD, has...
  5. New moms

    Mothering matters

    Nobody yet has scientifically tested and perfected a parenting system that guarantees children will turn out okay. Much research...
  6. New moms

    Traveling abroad with babies

    It's no secret that the French and Americans don't always see eye to eye; but they both concur on one point. Both thought my husband...