Just Say No To Beige Nursing Bras

We are all about comfort and function when it comes to nursing bras, but sometimes a lady likes to feel fancy. Here are a few pretty nursing bras in colors beyond black and white.

Ginger macaroon featured

Image credit: Cake Lingerie

Basically no article of clothing ranks function over fashion like nursing bras. Of course comfort and access to the milk trumps all in those early months, but after a while those dingy undergarments can leave you feeling like you'll never be your old self again. For those times when you need to feel pretty and put together, ditch the beige and try out something with a little more sparkle.

Velvet Delight Plunge Maternity Underwire Nursing Bra

Velvet delight nursing bra

A huge kudos to Cake Lingerie for being the only website I could find featuring images of just the bras. Everywhere else only showed them on taut models who look far more perfect than I felt postpartum. I love this simple, lacy number in a gorgeous cobalt tone. Available in sizes 32B-32D. (Cake Lingerie, $60)

Sophie Wireless Nursing Bra

Sophie nursing bra

See what I mean about the models? This delicate bra is lovely, though, and perfect for larger busted ladies looking to avoid an underwire. Available in sizes 30E-40J. (Nordstrom, $59)

Anita Anthracite Nursing Bra

Anita nursing bra

I know I said nope to black and white, but I couldn't resist including this kicky paisley pattern. The teeny pink bow is a lovely touch. Available in sizes 32C-38I. (A Mother's Boutique, $59)

Dawn Red Nursing Bra

Dawn red nursing bra

I feel pretty just looking at the embroidery. Available in sizes 32B-42H. (Hotmilk, $40)

You! Lingerie Azalea Orchid Sexy Wireless Nursing Bra

Azalea orchid nursing bra

A purple nursing bra? I never thought I'd see the day. The wide band provides extra support without compromising on style. Available in sizes 32B-40F. (Amazon, $30)

Elegant Embrace Nursing Bra

Elegant embrace nursing bra

Bravado! Designs takes the typical, comfortable nursing bra and does something no one else thinks to do — offers it in color. Revolutionary. Available in sizes 34B/C-38F/G. (Bravado! Designs, $49)

Majamas Lace Easy Nursing Bra

Majamas nursing bra

The crisscross design makes this a great choice for nursing baby on the go without having to fuss with clasps, and it won't break the bank. Available in sizes S-XL. (Mommy Gear, $27)

Elle Macpherson Intimates: Momamia Wire-Free Nursing Bra

Elle nursing bra

I weaned my youngest baby eighteen months ago, and I still kind of want this one. Poke around online, because Elle Macpherson Intimates offers this one in a variety of colors and patterns on different websites. Available in sizes 32C-38G. (Bare Necessities, $40)

Ginger Macaroon Underwire Nursing Bra

Ginger macaroon nursing bra

Another saucy selection from Cake Lingerie, but available in a wider range of sizes. 32C-40J. (Cake Lingerie, $65)

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