Get Your Groove Back

With that six-week "all clear" looming in my future, I needed a little help to get feeling sexy again.

Granted, I knew that logically my husband probably wouldn't care what I looked like in the bedroom. He's always said that lingerie was a waste of money (and time, ha-ha) but let's be honest — sometimes, a lady needs a little help to get her groove back.

For me, shopping for something to make me feel pretty again wasn't just about taking a little time to treat myself, but also to find something functional that would help me hide the areas I was feeling a little insecure about. Luckily, there are a lot of great options out there for those of us who don't exactly "bounce back" right out of the delivery room.

Jingle Bell Slip


So if you're anything like me, you're probably not feeling the greatest about your full-frontal view (no Kimmy K. ideas here) and that's totally understandable. So how about drawing attention to your other best side? (Victoria's Secret, $42)



Like a lot of moms, I am most self-conscious about my belly area. And I was a little shocked when I clicked on this site that advertises "shape wear" lingerie, because much to my surprise the model wearing the product had a stomach that looked exactly like mine. You know, with that little flap of skin around the belly that feels like it just won't go away. This lingerie is definitely something that would make me feel more comfortable. (SexCies, $127)

Satin Baby Doll


Call me crazy, but I think this satin baby doll piece from Victoria's Secret is just sexy enough for play — and yet comfy enough to sleep in between nursing sessions. Which to me, may be the ultimate dream right now. (Victoria's Secret, $52)

VILAVI Body Corset


So I don't know if you're catching on to my theme here, but here's another piece designed to help you feel comfortable with a little extra junk in your front trunk — a sexy corset that can suck it in when you're just not feeling it. (, $17+)

Lace Halter

lace halter

Ooo, this piece shows off the assets of a nursing mother while providing a nice, flowing fabric around the mid-section. Sounds like a match made in heaven to this postpartum bod. (Victoria's Secret, $30)

Dangerous Desire Nursing Bra


If you've got no qualms about flashing what your baby gave you in the mid-section (and why should you, really) but still want some functional lingerie for those midnight feeding sessions, you have to check out Hotmilk Lingerie — they have some really sexy nursing bra options, most with matching panty sets. (, $40)

Cupcake Bras

cupcake bra

I'm pretty much in love with the Cupcake line of nursing and maternity bras— and not just because the name brings to mind sugary goodness. Their lingerie is pretty and practical and has names like "Frosted Almond." (, $59+)


Oh, I'm getting tricky here, aren't I? But really, while these pieces can help give you that little extra boost to feel good in your skin again, any man will you tell you that the sexiest thing you can don postpartum is a good old-fashioned robe of self-confidence. You are beautiful, mama, and you don't need lingerie to tell you that. (Your Inner Goddess, $0)

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