Dreaming Of A Little Drool Monster? You Might Be Ready For Another Baby

There are times in my life when I really could do without the sight of a pregnant woman or a baby.

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It's in those rare moments that have occurred over the past six years of my life when I am perfectly content to hold a brand-new baby, breathe in that delicious scent (that someone could probably make millions off of if she learned how to bottle it) and then happily hand that swaddled bundle back the second he or she started wailing.

Ah yes, in those moments, I have been happy to recognize that I was no longer a woman longing desperately for a baby, but a mother who had moved on to a diaperless existence and the quest to remember what life on the outside looked like.

And then, slowly but surely, things would change. I would pick up on a few subtle signs that I may actually be secretly wishing for another baby.

You linger over the baby clothes aisle

For no real reason, you find yourself drifting away from the canned beans aisle and into that no-man's-land of the baby section in your local superstore. You finger the baby-soft footed pajamas and furtively, when no one is looking, check the price tag, just in case. Hey, it's on sale! Maybe you should pick up a few, just in case, you know, you get invited to any baby showers in the upcoming months.

You click on baby name articles, "just for fun"

Your partner may give you some strange looks, but you just can't seem to help yourself from tossing out a few name ideas during your adult Netflix time as you scroll through your friends' feeds. "Oh, look, James and Lisa just had their baby and named him Nolan. What a cute name. Say, what do you think of the name Mark for a baby boy? I mean, hypothetically, of course..."

You smile at every pregnant woman you see

I mean, hopefully you don't come off as a total creeper, but those baby bumps are just so cute. And, wow, you've never really noticed it before, but pregnant women really do glow, don't they? Oh, here comes another one. Don't smile, don't smile, don't smile... too late.

You look around to see who's missing

Once, when my third child was still a baby, my husband and I loaded the kids up to take an after-dinner walk. As we headed out, I turned to my husband and said, "Don't forget...," and stopped, realizing that I was trying to ask him to grab one of our children — except we were all present and accounted for. It was the strangest feeling that someone was missing, a feeling so strong that I was actually about to head back to the house to get the missing piece of our family. And apparently, I'm not the only mother who has done such a thing. "I kept looking around for another person, only to realize no one was missing," says mom Ann Lowrey Forster on how she knew she was ready for another baby.

You don't feel quite complete

It's hard to put your finger on it, but the No. 1 sign that you may be ready for another baby is something that can't really be described. It's more like a feeling of being incomplete, a longing for something you can't really articulate and an ache that is deeper than the weight of empty arms. Call me crazy, but I think a mother's heart just knows when she's ready for another baby.

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