I Am A Better Parent In The Fall, Period

It's not just the PSLs (although I am a devoted fan) — the fall weather makes me a better mom.

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Do you want to know what I did this morning on a 90-plus-degree day?

Hunkered down in the kitchen to make some homemade pumpkin spice play dough with my son. I know, I know, I'm jumping the gun on fall a little bit (trust me, my son let me know he also thought I was crazy — and he's 2), but I just can't help it.

Because the truth is, I'm a better parent in the fall. Why, you wonder? I'm glad you asked.

1. Humidity makes me angry

Much like the way I also get angry when I've missed lunch, humidity makes me just plain angry. I mean, it's not just hot and it's not just raining, it's just this miserable limbo-like existence. And instead of spurring me into action to play with my kids, it makes me want to hole up in our house and blast the AC at limits that will make my husband cry. The cool weather of fall, on the other hand, is a literal breath of fresh air. With the first burst of that crisp, cool goodness, I am transformed into a parent who actually wants to get out and do things. Grab your coats, kids, it's nature walk time!

2. Wearing a newborn in summer = drowning in sweat

I'm a fan of baby wearing. Actually, let me correct that: I'm a fan of getting anything done with a newborn in the house, so hence, baby wearing is kind of an essential. What I'm not a fan of, however, is shoving my precious newborn down my hot and sweaty chest and wrapping a giant cloth around her to add another layer of sweat, just in case. Baby wearing in the fall is a lot more comfortable for both of us and I don't have to feel guilty for the use of both of my hands.

3. Pumpkin spice makes me happy

There, I said it. Hate me if you will, but pumpkin spice everything is my jam. Should you enter my home come fall time, I will indeed have a pumpkin spice candle lit, pumpkin spice muffins baking, pumpkin spice coffee brewing and pumpkin spice play dough rolled out for the kids. It's only for a short time and if such a small thing like pumpkin spice can make me happy, I call it a parenting win. Because heaven knows, the winter season after all will not be so pretty, so let me enjoy myself while I still can. I'm going to need to fill my parenting tank for the long road ahead.

4. Two words: sweaters and scarves

Do you know what is not particularly flattering to a postpartum mother's body? Shorts and tank tops, that's what. But come fall, when I can cloak a cozy sweater over my back fat, wrap a scarf to drape gracefully over my still-lingering baby bump and throw on some jeans to disguise the cottage cheese thighs, I am transformed into a mother who almost looks put together.

#PSL cheers to that.

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