10 Healthy And Low Calorie Snacks To Help You Lose The Baby Weight For Good!

Trying to lose the baby weight still lingering after your sweetie pie made her way into the world? Even moms who don’t have time to exercise can shed unwanted pounds by snacking right. Check out these top 10 low-calorie and healthy foods that will help satisfy your hunger and help you meet your goal of losing the baby weight!

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Most moms barely have time to themselves, let alone time to exercise. But, even the busiest of moms has to eat. The average adult needs to consume about 2000-2500 calories per day, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And, if you are a breastfeeding mother, experts recommend that you consume an extra 500 calories per day on top of that.

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The great news is that even moms on the go can shed the baby weight without ever having to use the word diet! How? By boosting your metabolism. “To do so, eat real food,” advises Michelle Pfennighaus, CHC and RYT of findyourbalancehealth.com. “Vegetables, whole grains and meat or fish are real food. Real food will improve your digestion, give you more energy, and allow your metabolism to work as it should.”

So before you head for the cupboard for a snack, stock up on some of these calorie-burning munchies that will help give your metabolism a boost and help you shed the baby weight.

Carrots and celery sticks
Certain foods like carrots and celery are considered negative calorie foods. “The theory is based on the idea that a person burns more calories in chewing and digesting a food than they absorb from it,” explains Pfennighaus. “Celery, being extremely low in calories, is often cited as an example.” Snack on these calorie crunchers and you’ll be curbing your hunger at the same time you’re slimming down.

Another negative calorie food, the fiber in grapefruits uses up extra energy in order for your body to break it down. It also lowers your insulin levels that tell your body to store fat.

Apples are packed with fiber and just like grapefruit, eat up extra calories needed to break it down. An added bonus? It falls into the negative calorie foods category as well.

Protein-rich turkey boosts your metabolism and burn additional calories while it builds lean muscle tissue. Roll up some turkey with some cheese and you’ll be adding calcium, another metabolism enhancer.

Thanks to fatty acids in almonds, you will be increasing your metabolism with these small smackerels. But, just a handful will do, since almonds pack a lot of calories per crunch.

You knew that yogurt is great for your digestive track, but lucky for you, the high protein content of this yummy treat requires your body to expend a lot of calories to digest it, too.

Protein and fiber share the credit for the extra energy required to digest legume, causing your metabolism to get moving. They are also filling and low in fat.

Fiber-filled oatmeal needs extra time, and lots of calories, for your body to process. Like grapefruit, it also lowers your insulin levels as it expedites your metabolism.

Fortified soy milk
Sip off the pounds as this calcium-packed beverage gets your metabolism on the fast track. Avoid the sweetened soy milks to avoid extra calories.

Sprinkled on your apples, in your yogurt, or in your favorite morning beverage, this spicy element helps regulate your blood sugar levels and metabolize sugars more effectively. Bye-bye, calories!

Several small meals per day will keep your body burning calories consistently, so don’t wait to go hungry. So, pack these snacks, even when you are on the go, to avoid overeating when you are on empty. Even though you can’t live on a regimen of these foods alone, when you reach for a snack, these tasty treats will help tip the scales in your favor!


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