Celebrity Moms Send The Mesage That You Can Do It All And Look Amazing, However They Have An Army Of People To Help Them.

Did you ever read the headlines and think hmmm, “Another celebrity has given birth and poof, their body is already in tip top flat ab shape?” Or how about a celebrity who speaks about the beauty of work/life balance as they have a personal trainer, nanny and yes -- personal chef? Read on to find out why you should NOT compare yourself to Angelina Jolie and why being a “normal” mom is so much better than being a celebu-mom.

by Vicki Salemi


Dropping the baby weight
According to Linnda Durre, an Orlando-based psychotherapist, we can get our body back in shape, but it just won’t be within Hollywood’s unrealistic skinny time frames. ”If everyone had gym memberships and personal trainers who came to their homes five times a week, they could lose the baby weight very quickly. Most people in this economy are lucky to buy a good pair of athletic shoes, walk in their local park and buy a jump rope at the dollar store to exercise.”

As for some slim down solutions that will help you get in Gwen Stefani-like shape? The old-fashioned way. Durre adds, “You can buy an exercise DVD, work out in your living room when the new baby is napping and the kids are next door at a neighbor's house, or wait until hubby gets home to take an evening walk.”

Reality doesn’t bite
When it comes to their beaudacious bods, glorious glow and the ability to effortlessly multi-task, it’s important to not kid ourselves. After all, they have tons of help. Jenna McCarthy, author of The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties explains, “Yes, those hateful celebrities make it look so easy with their personal trainers and home delivered Zone meals and someone following them around with a tube of lip gloss all day so they never look bare-faced but really, nothing about their lives resembles reality (or frankly, your life) so why on earth would you compare on the parenting front?”

Sure, their houses (note the plural) may be bigger, their cars may be nicer and vacations more extravagant but they’re living in another world. McCarthy explains, “Remember, they get stalked at dinner, in the grocery store, sometimes in their own back yards. They can’t gain a pound or have a fight with their significant other or sprout a pimple without it making international headlines. Do you really want to be them?”

Sleep deprivation is normal
“Here’s the sad truth,” says McCarthy. “We’re fed this massive load of propaganda from the time we are very young. It started with that Barbie that we all had -- the pregnant one whose superdome belly popped off like a battery cover when it was time to “give birth,” allowing you to remove the peanut-size plastic baby and pop on a flat new cover. Just like that! What little girl would have any reason to think it didn’t happen that way?”

As we’re fed this information from the media, from our childhood, from other sources in society (and by that we mean our mothers), it’s important to keep our wits about us. “This is the saddest part of all -- other women (and not just those terrible celebrities, but your supposed “friends”) weave their own little web of deceit because frankly it’s easier to lie to you (“Oh he slept through the night from day one!”) than to admit that motherhood is hard,” says McCarthy. “Newsflash: Motherhood is hard! It’s okay to say that, honest. Your kids won’t melt, your partner won’t think you’re weak, and your friends will weep happy tears of sweet relief. I swear.”

Keepin’ it real
Above all, simply realize you can’t be everything to everyone and when you read headlines about A-listers like Angelina and J. Lo, let’s face it, they have a ton of help. Durre reminds us, “Most celebrities have nannies, cooks, tutors, housekeepers and/or live-in help plus a great deal of money which makes everything so much easier.  It's not that way in the real world.”


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