Proof star Gwyneth Paltrow welcomed a son with husband Chris Martin sometime over the weekend of April 8-9. We have all been anxiously waiting to hear the name of Apple's little brother... and our wait is over. The little guy is named Moses.

Kim Grundy, editor


"Moses" is, in fact, the name of a Coldplay song (that's dad's band, in case you missed that bulletin). Though written by Chris for Gwyneth, the third verse of that song is quite fitting for the long-awaited arrival of a newborn... and it goes a little something like this:

Come on now, don't you want to see
Just what a difference you've made in me
I'll be waiting oh no matter what you say
'cause I've been waiting for days and days and days

Paltrow and Coldplay rocker have a daughter, Apple, who will turn 2 in May.


So did Gwyneth have a water birth as planned? There were rumors that the actress had purchased a birth tub for both her homes in London and New York. Gwynnie's friend told the Britain's Daily Mirror, "It's something Gwyneth really wanted to do for her first birth but she didn't feel confident enough." The notoriously private couple has not yet released any other information.

There were rumblings that Mrs Martin had a cesareanfor this recent birth, but nothing has been confirmed, and hopefully her water birth went as planned. "This time she's more than ready for an underwater birth -- she's done loads of research. It will be very special and spiritual," the friend said.

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