Is Three Weeks Too Early?

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Susan Warhus, MD


Your question:
My wife had a normal delivery of a baby boy three weeks back. When is it advisable to start our sex life as usual as it was before pregnancy?

The expert answers:
Most doctors recommend waiting at least six weeks after delivery before resuming sexual intercourse. Sometimes longer than six weeks is advised if there were complications or problems surrounding the delivery or postpartum period. Typically, women should see their physician for a six week postpartum visit. At that visit, the doctor performs a pelvic exam, does a PAP test, and offers birth control methods. If all is well, the doctor usually gives the go-ahead to resume sexual intercourse.

Even after the doctor has given the okay that things have healed physically, it's important to take your wife's emotional concerns into account.


Many women find that they don't have much interest in sex during the postpartum time period. That's normal because of their changing hormones, body changes and sleep deprivation. I encourage you and your wife to have an open and honest discussion of the situation. Make sure that both of you feel comfortable physically and emotionally before resuming your sex life


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