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It's tough when your baby needs changing and you're enjoying your meal. Many of us have returned to the table and found that the server "thought that you had left." So, when you've got to change your little one, here are some tips.

Cyndi Mathews


Step 1 --Tell your server. If you can't find him or her, tell the restaurant hostess or manager. Let them know that you aren't leaving, just changing the littlest diner.

Step 2 --A stroller can really be helpful for hauling all of baby's diapering needs. Use it.

Step 3 --Check the restroom. Make sure that it is relatively clean and has a changing area. If things aren't up to your standards, head to the car to change the baby.

Step 4 --Be aware that some little ones can be scared of heights, funny lights and smells and they may make diaper changing more challenging.

Step 5 --Before you start changing your little one, make sure that you have all the things that you'll need. Diapers, wipes, cream and a safe, clean protected changing area. It's also a good idea to have a little something for your older sibling(s) to do while your tending to the baby.


Step 6 --If the changing area is hard or cold, you may want to line it with a diaper pad, newspapers, paper towels or plastic bags. You'll also need some plastic bags, ones with closures or ways to be sealed.

Step 7 --Change the diaper (and any clothes that may be damp or soiled) and seal in plastic bag. Nobody appreciates a smelly diaper in the restroom. Clean up any paper or plastic used to line the changing area.

Step 8 --Wash your hands, the baby's hands and any other siblings who wants their hands bubbly with soap in warm water.

Step 9 -- Head back to the table and enjoy your meal!

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