Don't Give Up The Things You Love!

It IS possible to simplify your life without giving up the things you want and love in your life.

Kathy Gates


Getting more
In fact, by simplifying your life you will have MORE of the things you want and love in your life, because they aren't getting squeezed out by the things that you DON'T want in your life.

Simplifying your life is the cornerstone to living a great life. It helps you get back in touch with who you really are as a person, and what you want your life to be like. Simplifying means getting rid of, or finding another way to deal with, the things that complicate and upset your life.

With my clients I often draw the image of redecorating an old storage room. It would be very difficult to transform that storage room into a lovely guest bedroom if you tried to add a bed and dresser to all the boxes, extra chairs, leftover paint, and broken shelving that was already in the room. You would clean it out first. And if you want a great life, you must first make room for it?by simplifying.

Simplifying your life comes in many forms, big and small. I personally had a problem that every time my cat sat in my lap, his brush was always "in its place" which meant I had to get up and go get it and of course then the cat was no longer in the mood to be brushed. I simplified that by creating a place to hang the cat brush near my chair. A client I had was raising a big family and was aggravated by what she called "living her life in the dishwasher". She simplified her life by having an additional dishwasher put in. They just used the dishes right of the dishwasher and then put them back in the other one.

Simplifying your life allows you to quit focusing on the fundamentals of life, and frees up your time and energy to focus on the things that are really important...and YOU have the power to make it so! It doesn't hurt to try, and it's really not impossible.


Begin to consciously look for ways to simplify your life, from small things to big things. Look for ways to eliminate a step in a routine, or eliminate a task altogether. Look at your daily routine, landscaping, decorating. Is there a way to cut down on the attention they require? Look for ways to systematize as much as possible. Can your bills be paid by automatic draft. Can you cut grocery store trips to once a week, or have them delivered? Start small, like find a new place for the cat brush in your life, and then move on to bigger things. Get creative. Make it fit your lifestyle.

Don't expect immediate miracles. Choosing to simplify your life is not an overnight success. The right way takes time. Slowly do what it takes and keep your expectations reasonable. I do it, I help my clients do it, and you can do it too! You may be surprised to wake up in six months to find out your life has become much happier, much less stressful and a place you want to go home


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