Are There Ways To Creatively Camouflage Your Pregnancy?

In some situations, you may not want to appear obviously pregnant -- especially not early on. Teresa Gallagher and Maria Mueller of Anna Cris Maternity have some ideas about maternity camouflage.

The question
From what I have heard from other people at my job, my boss looks down on pregnant women. So I'm wondering: what can I wear to keep my pregnancy hidden for as long as possible until I'm ready to share the news? - Kari in Boston


The expert answers
What's great about the options available for the pregnant woman today is that there is no need to change your current fashion style. There are so many maternity selections available that are sure to make your transition to pregnancy seamless -- or, if you desire, hidden (or, at least, not very obvious) for as long as possible. Options range from the very basic tee shirt and jeans to the more trendy bootleg pants, wild print tops and, yes, even spaghetti strap dresses and tops!

If you don't show too quickly, the non paneled maternity pants and skirts are wonderful for camouflaging a small belly and can even be worn after your pregnancy, as they tend to be constructed of very resilient fabric. If your style allows, pair it with some of the newer wild print tops that are so popular right now even in the non-maternity world.

If you are showing quickly, longer tops may be necessary to camouflage your growing belly. A classic men's white oxford and jeans always provides a very relaxed and unidentifiably pregnant look. Or toss a light shirt/jacket over a more fitted top/pant for a little extra coverage.

Whatever you choose from the wide array of options out there, just "suit" yourself, and don't stray from your own style

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