Once the medical experts have had their say, it's time for another kind of expert -- a real mom. Abbi Perets is a journalist and the mother of two -- and she's exclusively here on Pregnancy & Baby to tell you her advice about pregnancy, birth, parenting and more.

Abbi Perets


More on the postpartum life
We'd asked everyone to give us a good week alone, but my parents showed up the day after I got out of the hospital. It was actually harder with them here because I had an episiotomy and was supposed to have ice packs on, which is hard to manage with parents there. It was June and hard to hide under a blanket. Also, I'm not comfortable breastfeeding in front of people, so I had to get up and go to the nursery every couple of hours. Going out to dinner was pretty hard too, sitting in a wooden chair for an hour. Not to be disgusting, but when you have to change pads every half hour to an hour and your breasts are leaking, you don't want to be out anywhere!
-- Kay

I had my sister stay three nights with us after Will was born...[she] helpedmostly with the house, which is what I wanted her to do so we could bond with the baby.


She cooked, cleaned and let me take extra naps (greatly needed) - [and] ran to the store for extra formula, breast pads or Tucks.
-- LisaPregnancyAndBaby.com


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