A valuable new resource is available for mamas feeling the baby blues. This new tool, Beyond the Baby Blues, is...

A valuable new resource is available for mamas feeling the baby blues. This new tool, Beyond the Baby Blues, is a hypnosis audio program on CD. The baby blues, typically a term used for a lesser form of postpartum depression, are common. Around 80% of mamas get some form of the blues and no wonder. Sleep deprivation, physical changes, and major life adjustments do not give way to a relaxing time. If you do develop the baby blues, the symptoms normally show up in the first few days after your baby's birth. We've discussed the baby blues before but as a re-cap you may feel irritable, tired, anxious, stressed, and feel vulnerable with moments you may feel like crying -- but you're not sure why. You don't have to have all the symptoms; even a couple can be frustrating. Dr. Shoshana Bennett created her hypnosis audio program, Beyond the Baby Blues, to help mamas everywhere by showing them how to care for themselves. According to Dr. Shoshana Bennett's website, the CD includes the following sessions:

"Session 1: Taking Care of Yourself This short session will help you find a way to take care of your needs, no matter how much support you have from others. It is unhealthy always to be focused on the needs of others, rather than on your own needs. Shoshana's organic style will help you figure out what YOU need, and give you permission to take those healthy steps so you can have the energy to take care of your family. Session 2: Feeling Confident This session will help you feel confident about the healthy choices and decisions you're making as a mother, and to change those behaviors which may not be so healthy. This session can alleviate doubts and fears and will allow you to feel the satisfaction of knowing you're doing your best. Session 3: Creating Harmony Perfect balance with all your many roles (wife, mother, employee, or whatever fits your individual situation), is an unrealistic goal. Creating harmony among all your roles, however, is not only possible: Shoshana helps her clients do it on a daily basis – and it feel great! In addition, this session can help you create ways to manage your expectations in a realistic way so that your new role as a mother can integrate healthfully with the "you" before you were a mom."

You can listen to the introduction free of charge to see if this tool is for you. Plus the CDs come with a year-long money back guarantee -- nice.

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