Yesterday, CNN reported that a Senate Panel is looking into the potential effects chemicals can have on a growing...
Yesterday, CNN reported that a Senate Panel is looking into the potential effects chemicals can have on a growing fetus. The story spotlighted a pregnant woman, Molly Gray, who, after having two miscarriages, agreed to be part of a study that tested expecting mother's blood for chemicals. It turns out that she tested positive for high levels of mercury, which can cause brain damage in a developing baby. The article notes,
A growing number of studies are finding hundreds of toxic chemicals in the bodies of mothers, and subsequently, in their babies after birth. While there is no science that demonstrates a conclusive cause-and-effect relationship between chemicals children are born with and particular health problems, studies are finding associations between elevated levels of chemicals in a baby's body and their development.
Fortunately, Gray's baby was born healthy, but she noted how concerning it is that developing fetuses, babies and children are exposed to such a vast array of chemicals. Various studies discussed in the article make it clear that there is no shortage of chemicals in our everyday lives that are children -- and developing babies -- are exposed to on a routine basis. I'll admit that in the past, I wasn't nearly as cognizant of the chemicals we allowed into our home. We feed our children organic foods whenever we can, which is a majority of the time, and we don't spray the interior of our home for bugs -- although I will admit we would if we had a serious bug problem. However, several months ago, I took a long hard look at the chemicals we use to clean our house. I promptly got rid of them and replaced everything with Method natural cleaners. And I literally mean everything, from the granite cleaner to the stainless steel cleaner to the furniture polish. It dawned on me that it's all well and good to feed my little ones organic food that is free of pesticides, but having them eat off a surface that I cleaned with an unsafe chemical sort of negates the purpose. I'm happy to see the Senate Panel investigating the effect chemicals can have on developing fetuses, babies and children. The studies discussed in the article are alarming. Many found hundreds of toxic chemicals in expectant mom's blood...and in the cord blood of new babies. What do you think? And what do you do, if anything, to lessen your exposure, and that of your children, to chemicals?

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