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Philip Goglia

Your question:
How do I know which is the best exercise for trimming down?

The expert answers:
: A cardiovascular workout routine can fit into the busiest schedule. You can walk during your lunch hour, bike with your kids after work or run while they bike, go hiking with the whole family?once you get started you can expand your cardio routine into many popular classes [yoga, kickboxing, Tae-bo, spinning, martial arts].

If you only do one form of cardiovascular exercise, the most effective conditioning for anyone, at any age, is walking. Ideally you should walk a minimum of 40 minutes, 5 times a week; but if you have become so deconditioned that you can walk only 10 minutes in the beginning, then do that. In the weeks to come, increase your walking time by 5 minutes per week as you gain strength and aerobic conditioning.

Ultimately, if you haven't exercised in years, can't get to a gym, or have physical restrictions that make it difficult for you to work out with weights, cardiovascular exercise is your best choice for overall conditioning, and can be found in many forms?the key to succeeding at any type of exercise is a strong will and a sincere desire to improve one's physical condition. PregnancyAndBaby.com


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