About Our On-Site Bookmark Feature

What's Save & Share? It's is a fun and easy way to share your favorite Pregnancy & Baby articles with others!
  • Save: Save your favorite articles to refer back to later.

  • Share: Make one or more folders to share with other site visitors.

    The system is easy to use! The first step is to sign up for a free membership. Then, when you find an article you like, click on the add to bookmarks to start the process. (The checkmark is shown on all category pages in the site directory, and at the end of each article.) Create folders to organize your links any way you like, and decide if you'd like to keep your folder -- and the article links inside -- private or if you want to share them. You can even add your own notes to each article link.

    Here's a look at just some of what you can do with this feature.

  • Tips for beginners: What do you think are the best articles and tools for someone newly pregnant, expecting twins or who has just become a parent for the first time?

  • Funny stuff: A "best of" collection of articles, journal entries, birth stories and more.

  • Conditions: Link to a collection of articles, expert Q&A and/or applicable birth stories about a certain illness or health condition (for example: preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, pregnancy forgetfulness).

  • My birth stories: Have several of your birth stories on the site? Save them to a folder to share.

  • Super-helpful: The nitty-gritty stuff that helped you get through pregnancy or parenthood.

  • Your life: Topics that matter to you and reflect your personality -- whether fun or functional (or both).

    The possibilities are endless!PregnancyAndBaby.com

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