Our Weekly Synopsis Of Survivor: Vanuatu

It's a sad day in Vanuatu. With less than nine days left in the game, it's hard to believe that the strongest alliance remaining is between a 59 year old rancher who can barely get around, let alone complete a physical challenge and one of my favorites, a 41 year old highway repairman. But just as quick as alliances are formed, they can surely be broken.
Vecepia Towery Robinson

Night 30
The Alinta tribe mates arrive back to camp after Leanne surprisingly was voted out of the game. Ami sarcastically tells the remaining tribe mates, "nice move". Twila then lays into Ami with so much aggression that I thought the boxing gloves were going to come out. Twila tells Ami in a direct and snooty way, "Screwed you, didn't I?" As Ami and Twila continue their negative criticism of one another, Chris (the ultimate persuader) sits silently by and watches the exchange of words get more and more vicious.

Day 31
As the tribe mates receive tree mail, they realize that the reward would have something to do with food. Eliza reveals to the others that she desperately needed to win this challenge because she was in need of nourishment. And it was extremely obvious as Eliza's bones stuck out through her skin. She looked like a malnurouished child.

Arriving at Challenge Beach, Jeff Probst meets the tribe mates in a Pontiac G6. Not only would the winner of the reward win the automobile, but the second and third place individuals would ride off with the winner to an overnight stay in a local resort and spa. They would get all the food they wanted, shower, shampoo their hair, get their clothes washed, hang out on the beach and sleep on a nice bed.

This was definitely a challenge worth playing for ?- But, it wasn't going to be an easy one. The challenge consisted of a combination of several water challenges they have already encountered. In the end, they had to retrieve three flags and return them to the shore. The first person to bring all three flags wins the vehicle and the second and third place individuals will enjoy a night at the spa with the winner.

Exhausted and winded, it seemed that the winner would be between Ami and Chris ?- But...slow and steady (at times) wins the race. And that's what happened. Eliza came from third place, slipped passed Chris and ultimately got passed Ami to beat her out and win the challenge. Ami came in second place and Chris took third.

At the spa
Eliza, Ami and Chris arrive at the spa and Ami knew that she had some housekeeping work to do on Eliza. As much as she understood why Eliza voted out Leanne, she also felt that Eliza could be swayed back. Ami used every approach she knew how. She even talked to Chris to convince him and Eliza to dissolve the Twila/Scout alliance. Ami knows how powerful it is to have a solid two-person alliance. Every alliance has been shattered so far (except for Twila and Scout).

As Ami let Chris and Eliza talk alone, Chris reemphasized to Eliza that it's more beneficial for them to stick with Twila and Scout because they are older, non-threatening and easy to beat.

Later in the night, Ami and Eliza talk once again and they both pour their hearts out to one another. It's a known fact that Ami has saved Eliza's butt from eviction several times and Eliza feels a sense of personal trust for Ami. Eliza even refers to Ami as a big sister (Hey, even sisters betray each other).

Back at camp
It doesn't take long at camp for Twila and Scout to express their happiness that Ami did not win the vehicle. As Twila and Scout continue to talk about Ami behind her back, Julie listens in and takes notes. They talk as if Julie is not even around.

Day 32
Ami, Eliza and Chris return from their overnight spa trip and of course, Twila is concerned and very worried about where Eliza stands and if Ami was able to sway her back into her alliance. Chris knew at this moment, Ami must be the next to leave the island.

Day 33 ?- Immunity Challenge
In a game of Survivor Shuffle board, each tribe mate had five disks to slide across the board. If they landed on any island, they earned a point. However, they could be knocked off the island by their own disk or by another tribe mate thus loosing a point. If they landed in a hole located within the island, they earn a point and could not loose that point.

In a desperate attempt to stay in the game, Ami knocks one of her own disks off of an island thus loosing a point for her. That left Chris, the only man left, with two disks left on the islands. He wins immunity and is safe from the vote.

Back at camp, Eliza is very unsure about her vote and Twila, Chris and Scout are in panic mode. Although Eliza doesn't like Twila and Scout, her reservations for them continue to worry her. Once again, Eliza is in the hot seat.

Tribal Council
In an emotional Tribal Council between Ami and Eliza, Twila and Scout listen on as both of them (Eliza and Ami) pour their hearts out to each other once again. One may think this was a ploy for Ami to make her last effort in swinging Eliza to vote with her and Julie. But whether it was sincere or an act, it definitely brought them both to tears.

However, the tears weren't enough as Ami was voted out 4 to 2. Ami makes the fourth person on the jury.

With Eliza, Julie, Chris, Scout and Twila left in the game, it would be a smart move for Eliza, Julie and Chris to break up the S/T alliance. Although they are not physical threats, they are a voting block...so take heed!

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