Stop thinking you are the only one sitting there with your head in your hands feeling so unhappy. You are not alone and you should never feel as if you are. We have some tips to help save your relationship!
by Sam Knight

Ups and downs
Now, accept the fact that all relationships have periods where they are up and they are down. The up periods leave us comforted and feeling bouyant. Maybe even a little smug.

The down periods make us insecure and weepy. They also leave us angry and bewildered. Not only are we questioning why is this happening, but when did it start!

The best thing about a good working relationship is that it gives us a bounce to our step. We feel good; we feel part of something. We feel as if we have connected to another human being and want everyone else to feel the same!

When it is not working out the way we planned, we feel isolated and nobody cares about us. We know it's not true but we escape into our sorry little woe-is-me world and it becomes a chore to concentrate on anything else going on in our lives.

In some ways, we have become very blase about relationships. If it doesn't work out in a certain period of time, well, maybe we ought to just shift gears and go elsewhere.

Let's face it, sometimes that's easier than saying, "What do I (we) need to do to fix this?"

That's a cop-out and we've become a spoiled lot of people. If we can find the time to work our businesses until we drop, why wouldn't we expend that same energy into the relationship that we hope will be there before, during and after the business?

I've got friends who can talk to their cyber-buddies about their most personal affairs. Yet, if pressed about why they can't or won't do it with their own mates who share their same space, nobody has an answer. "I just can't" is not an answer.

What's wrong with this picture?
Remember the phrase, "Love means never having to say you're sorry?" It's now 2003. Sometimes love is VERY much a case of not only saying you're sorry but asking, "What's the next step?"

Don't you think it's time we told the divorce lawyers to find somebody else to pay for their next car or boat or exotic vacation? Let's stop being such willing victims and take control back where it belongs. Our relationships are the essence of what and who we


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