Organization Tips For The Whole Family

Organize your home by practicing these Four Basic Principles of Storage Solutions from Debbie Williams, author of Home Ma
Debbie Williams

Organize your home by practicing these Four Basic Principles of Storage Solutions from Debbie Williams, author of
Home Management 101.
1. Hang it up

2. Put it in a drawer

3. Store it on the floor

4. Shelve it

Part I: The bathroom
Surviving the morning rush in any busy household is no easy feat, especially if you and your family are sharing bathroom space.

Organizing tips for small spaces can quite easily reduce bathroom clutter. Utilize vertical space whenever you can, minimize towel usage, and create a place for all those dirty clothes to effectively reduce the bathroom clutter in your home.

What's your bag? Use a basket, over-the-door laundry bag, or a bag that hangs on the door knob to corral the clothes your family tosses away.

Throw in the towel -- Assign each member of your family with a colored towel to be used more than once. If the thought of reusing a towel again gives your teenager the shudders, encourage her to at least use the same clean towel again and again to dry her hair.

Hang on-- Hang towels on hooks, shaker pegs, or over-the-door racks to conserve space. Very few families I know of can actually get by with just those two built-in towel racks that came with the house!

Toss & carry -- For clothes that aren't ready for laundering, implement the "toss-n-carry rule": you toss it, you carry it back to your bedroom as you leave.

Tween rack -- Hang a shaker peg or expandable hat rack in closets or on the door to accommodate clothes that are in between dirty and clean.

Going up! Use stacking bins, over-the-toilet shelves, hanging produce baskets or other stacking containers for toiletries in your shared space. Group like items together (towels, wash cloths, or shampoo), or assign one shelf/basket per family member.

This is a stick up -- Use suction cups and adhesive tape to affix toothbrush holders, soap dishes, shampoo dispensers, and other bathroom organizers.

If you use these four simple strategies, you can easily contain the clutter in a closet, garage, basement, bathroom, or playroom. The concepts are the same despite the area to be de-cluttered, and the containers don't need to be pricey.

You can hang a bathroom towel on a shaker peg rack from the dollar store, or invest in an expensive over-the-door rack from an upscale home d�cor catalog, depending on your budget. But the results will be the same: the clutter is off the floor, out of the way, and has a new home to go to each and every day.

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