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Dear Chef Mom: Could you give me a recipe for cooking liver? I have three teenagers that are playing sports and one is anemic but they don't like liver. The only way I know is to flour it and fry it and they won't eat it. Any suggestions? - Bobbie in California

"My mother panfried liver, only she included a lot of onions during the frying process," remembers Lucinda of Glenbrook Farms Herbs & Such. "Sometimes she would leave the fried onions in the pan , stir in paparika and sour cream, some cream and then pour that onion-sour cream sauce over the fried liver."

Cathy at Pre K Smarties says, "Although I haven't added liver to the menu for my three children, I remember how my dad used to make liver when I was young. He'd pan fry the liver with bacon, which I loved. If any of your teenagers like onions, you can try liver smothered with fried onions." Amy Schamburek of 20ishparents agrees. "I love liver! We use onions and lots of bacon."

As an alternative, try Ramaki. "Take chicken livers, wash them and pat dry. Wrap in a half piece of bacon to create a roll and broil them... the kids probably won't even know it is liver inside," suggests Kimberly Lainson at The Party Works.

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