Week 9 Workout Plan

Joy Fawcett Shape and strengthen legs Although I've always known I wanted to rejoin the National Team, this week's announcement of...
Joy Fawcett

Shape and strengthen legs
Although I've always known I wanted to rejoin the National Team, this week's announcement of my name on the roster has finalized it. I now need to get into the best shape of my life. Below you will find a few of the exercises that I did this week to keep my legs in shape and strengthen my muscles. I also took a little time for myself outside of soccer and just enjoyed being a mom. Please remember to check with your physician when beginning any exercises or starting a new routine.

Cardio: Remember when jumping rope was a simple recess activity? Well, now you can regress back to your childhood and make a great cardiovascular routine out of it. Jumping rope is a fun way to get your heart rate up (to a safe number) and strengthen your lower legs. Try jumping rope for 15 minutes straight and you'll be surprised at how good it feels and the results you can attain.

Find a comfortable pace and try to maintain it for 15 minutes. Jump rope for 15 minutes and try to do crossovers like in the good old days! To challenge yourself, try to keep your heels from touching the ground. This will help build and maintain the muscles in your calves.

Weights/Strengths: Maintaining a strong healthy body is important as you age. So, whether it's in the weight room, outdoors or in your home, here are two leg exercises that I do routinely to firm and shape my legs. Remember to only do what's comfortable for your body and fitness level. Toning your muscles comes with time and repetition, so stick with it and you'll see a difference.

Quadraceps Leg LiftsLunges
Sit one inch away from a wall with your legs straight out in front of you. Bend one knee and then lift your straight leg up three inches. Hold the lift for 10 seconds to one minute.Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, take a large step and drop into a lunge position. Make sure your thigh is parallel to the ground and do not let your knee go over your toes. Repeat this exercise for three sets.

Challenges: Although joining the National Team is also a personal triumph, I have a lot of physical training ahead of me. I also know that playing against some of my former teammates will be somewhat challenging because of the relationships we've formed´┐Ż but, there's no doubt that I am out to win one for the US National Team and make my country proud!

Personal triumph: This past week I've been able to reconnect with life outside of soccer. Sometimes it's difficult to put your work aside, especially when you love what you do. Nonetheless, enjoying life and maintaining an active lifestyle will reflect in your happiness, attitude and social life. That's one reason why I'm so thankful ERA Max has given me the opportunity to reach out to other active women.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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