Week 6 Work Out Plan

Joy Fawcett Sticking to it I have always known that maintaining an active lifestyle will help me fulfill my dream of...
Joy Fawcett

Sticking to it
I have always known that maintaining an active lifestyle will help me fulfill my dream of raising a family while playing professional soccer. While I have achieved accolades on the field like an Olympic gold medal and a World Cup Championship, I have also been able to give birth to three beautiful little girls. I know I couldn't have done any of this without the support of my family and friends. I also know that my dedication to physical fitness has enabled me to reap the benefits of this lifestyle. Below is my workout regimen for the week. Please be sure to continue monitoring your progress with your physician.

Cardio: Now that I am nearing my peak physical fitness level, I need to be sure to maintain a workout routine that doesn't burn me out. Since I'm back up to speed on my sprints, my focus has been on enjoying my cardiovascular exercises. I like to take long jogs with Walter, if he can keep up, and my teammates. With someone by my side it motivates me to further my distance, but also helps me monitor my breathing techniques. The key is to make sure you can carry on a conversation when exercising. So, grab a partner and see how far you can go.

Light RoutineIntermediate RoutineAdvanced Routine
Try walking briskly for 30 minutes.Lightly jog for 20 minutes.Keeping up your conversation, jog for 30 to 40 minutes.

Weights/Strengths: Since Sunday's game against Atlanta was so physical, I had to be tip-top shape. We knew it would be a tough match up, but you're never really prepared until you're in the game. I felt that the weight and strength training I've been doing for my legs led me to a point where I could handle the physical battle on the field. Overall, I want to be just as aggressive as our opponents and I know that lifting weights can help me increase my level of competitiveness.

For this week's exercise I want you to try lunges. When you lunge forward, make sure your back and neck are in line and that you are only using your legs and buttocks to move. Also, make sure that your knee does not pass your toe. This will take a little getting use to, but it's a great exercise and you'll see plenty of benefits after practice and dedication.

Light RoutineIntermediate RoutineAdvanced Routine
Try two to three sets of eight lunges on each leg.Go for three sets of 10 lunges on each leg.Same as the intermediate routine, but hold five pound weights in each hand.

Challenges: Going 90 minutes. Running up and down the field, throwing in the ball 15 yards plus and having enough strength to last 90 minutes is what playing professional soccer is all about. It's a big challenge, but after you've accomplished it, you understand why you train all year long, pregnant or not. This past week, I played the entire 90 minutes in both the Bay Area and Atlanta games. I'm happy to say that after pushing myself, I still had some energy left to spend with my family.

Personal triumph: Last week's game against the Bay Area CyberRays was a triumph for me. I made my first game as a starter as well as my first goal. Those two things alone made me happy with my performance, but there was one more thing that made this trip even more important to me. It was the first road trip where all three of my daughters and Walter got to travel by my side and cheer the Spirit on from the stands.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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