Joy's Journal Week 5

Professional soccer player and mom Joy Fawcett of the San Diego Spirit wants to inspire other women to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle! Each week, Joy will reveal her personal challenges and triumphs related to her comeback, as well as offer tips women can use to reach their active goals.
Joy Fawcett

Week five -- Keeping balance
A family is a group of people that you grow and share your life with. You may have a small family all under one roof or a big family all across the world. You may even consider the people you work with family, and why not? You're usually with them for the majority of the week, you coexist together and you rely on each other. Personally, I like to consider my teammates a part of my family, but I also consider my family as part of my team.

As I've mentioned before, my daughters usually go everywhere I do. They go to practices, home games and even road trips. This means that Katey and Carli don't have the average seven and four-year-old lives. While most kids are playing around the neighborhood, our girls are often traveling the country (and the world) having fun on the soccer field and in hotels. I have always been amazed at how adaptable my kids have been. It seems that they can have a fun time just about anywhere.

I feel that the travel has been an enriching experience for Katey, Carli and now Madi. While they don't always remember the details of their travel, places such as Australia, Norway, Germany, Portugal and just about every major city in the U.S. has left great memories and opened them up to knowing that there is more to the world than just the local neighborhood. But, while traveling the world with the National Team and the Spirit has been a great experience, Walt and I also feel very strongly about keeping balance in their lives.

So when I got back from Carolina last week, I felt that it was important to make sure that Katey and Carli had a chance to spend lots of time around the house and with their friends and cousins. It worked out well because the Spirit gave us four days off, which allowed me to do some additional training and spend some time with my family. This week was play time for the kids and also a little bit of a break for me.

Time to get caught up
The time also gave me a chance to catch up on all of the things at home that just seem to slip through the cracks when I get really busy. So while the kids were out playing with their friends, I had a chance to get myself organized and get caught up on some housework.

While Walt was at work, I took the kids to the neighborhood pool with their cousins and my sister. By the way, a little parenting tip, if you really want to tire your kids out, nothing works quite like a good day at the pool! We also had our annual family outing to the Orange County Fair. The food and shopping are great, and the kids love the farm animals and rides.

Since this summer has been so busy with the new baby, my training and the Spirit schedule, this week gave us a truly needed break. It also gave us a chance to get back to basics and focus on getting some balance in our lives. Next week, we begin our playoff run with a road game against the Bay Area CyberRays, followed by a busy schedule, which includes two games a week for the remainder of the season. See ya next week, and remember Go Spirit! (See Joy's workout for this week here.)

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