Week 2 Work Out Plan

Joy Fawcett Making time When you get a new addition to the family, sometimes the only thing you want to do...
Joy Fawcett

Making time
When you get a new addition to the family, sometimes the only thing you want to do is spend time with this new precious little life. At the same time, you often find yourself wanting to workout and get back into shape, but it seems difficult to find the time. Below are a few suggestions on ways to make working out a family engagement. I've included a few of my exercises, but make sure you are comfortable during any routine. Adjust your training to correspond with your level of fitness, and check with a physician or physical trainer before any strenuous activity.

Cardio: I've been jumping back into shape with the kids by going on a daily stroller run. To help rebuild my strength and speed, I've been doing a couple different types of sprints. One type is the 18-second sprint for 120 yards. Use the distance as a goal and try to build your way up to 120 yards. At first, try it out around your block or at a park. Fit frequency: Try doing quick sprints from driveway to driveway and increasing your distance with time.

Light RoutineIntermediate RoutineAdvanced Routine
Speed walk around the block with your baby in the stroller. Try quick sprints from driveway- to-driveway and increase your distance with time. Circle your neighborhood in a swift jog. Push yourself into a sprint every two minutes and continue the sprint for 18-second intervals.

Weights/Strength: Finding time to get out and frequent the gym isn't that easy. In fact, I've found myself doing most of my strength training at home with my baby. Besides challenging myself to get to the gym three times a week for 45-minute segments, I've been building up my legs at home. Wall-sits have been a big part of my workout. With your back against the wall, pretend like your sitting in a chair. It's very easy to hold your baby during this exercise, just try it a few times first on your own.

Light crunches have also been part of my daily routine. To do these, lay the baby on your chest and do a few light crunches, just enough to lift your head and shoulders off the ground. (Please remember to check with your personal physician before doing any exercises.)

Light RoutineIntermediate RoutineAdvanced Routine
Wall-sits: Hold the position for five to ten seconds. Wall-sits: Hold the position for ten to twenty seconds. Wall-sits: Hold the position for twenty to thirty seconds.

Challenges: Finding personal time. Many mothers think they have to do it all and want to do it all, but it's important to relinquish a little bit every now and then. Dedicating some time to myself may be one of my biggest challenges because I love being around my family, but I've come to realize its importance. I've found that I actually feel closer to my family and myself!

Personal triumph: TIME. There are lots of responsibilities with being mom. Whether it's feeding the kids, picking-up the kids or just running everyday errands with the family, it seems like there is never enough time. It's very easy to make excuses, but I've made it my personal goal and pledge to make sure I'm active.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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