Week 1 Work Out Plan

Vary your routine Maintaining a healthy diet and varying your fitness routine can help your major muscles stay tight and...
Vary your routine
Maintaining a healthy diet and varying your fitness routine can help your major muscles stay tight and firm during a period when your stomach and baby seem to grow each day. Below, I've listed some variations of my workout regimen prior to delivery. I've offered three different levels to follow since my intensity level may be a bit higher than normal. Note that all of my workouts were approved and monitored by my doctor. Be sure you do the same.

Cardio: In the first seven months, I did sprints up and down the local park to help maintain my speed and endurance. Fit frequency: Doing 10 sets of sprints three times a week in 30-second intervals or until I reached the 50-yard mark, helped keep my quadriceps in shape. I also tasked myself with running two to three miles a day, five days a week. In my eighth month, since the bouncing from running was too strenuous on the baby and me, I switched to using the stair-master at the gym.

Light RoutineIntermediate RoutineAdvanced Routine
Walk around the block one to two times, three times a week.Walk briskly for one to two miles, three or four times a week.Run or jog one to two miles, four to five times a week.

Weights/Strength: Visiting the gym three to five times a week was my goal for the majority of my pregnancy. I had to make sure the machines allowed me to work muscles without lying flat on my back or on my stomach. When I wasn't using machines to build and maintain muscle tissue, I was lifting free weights or kicking the soccer ball around to keep up my skills. If you have questions on what you can and cannot do, ask your doctor and make sure you have one of your local gym trainers show you how to use each machine properly.

Light RoutineIntermediate RoutineAdvanced Routine
Use three to five pound free-weightsUse five to ten pound free-weightsUse ten to twelve poundfree-weights

Challenges: It's difficult to find machines that allow you to work once you begin to show because you do not want to put any type of pressure on your stomach. You cannot do sit-ups because your stomach muscles need to split as you grow into your pregnancy. Getting back a stomach that I had nine months ago will be one of my biggest challenges I have ahead of me.

Personal triumph: Eating healthy and for two, but not excessively. I was able to maintain a well-balanced diet and get plenty of vitamins. I made sure that I was eating properly and would have a treat once in a while, but not every night.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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