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Check out these great cookie decorating ideas for pre-made cookies! There are also decorating ideas for store-bought fudge anc candies!
Mary Ann Ross

Check out these great cookie decorating ideas for pre-made cookies! There are also decorating ideas for store-bought fudge anc candies! Fun and frugal
My oldest grandson and I made the first four overly simple and oh-so-cute cookies below. We made everything below by using already-made cookies from the grocery store and bakery, undecorated white and chocolate candies from See's Candies, filled cookie cutters with fudge and decorated them. No mess, no fuss, just decorating fun!

Santa Claus Nutter Butter Cookies
Using store-bought peanut butter sandwich cookies.

Nutter Butter Sandwich Cookies
Pillsbury canned white frosting
Red sanding sugars (hat)
Vanilla chips (mini size) (decoration for hat)
Chocolate chips (mini size) (eyes)
Red Hot candies (nose)

Here's what we did...

Hat: Spread white frosting or melted white chocolate over top part of Nutter Butter cookie.

Beard: Spread bottom of Nutter Butter cookie.

While still moist, sprinkle part of hat with red sanding sugars, leaving a brim of white. Add vanilla chip on hat for decoration, chocolate chips for eyes and red hot candy for nose -- use a dab of frosting as the "glue."

Snowman Nutter Butter Cookies
Here's what we did... We covered the entire cookie with canned vanilla frosting. We used a rolling pin to flatten various colors of Gum Drop Candies and cut in strips for scarfs, pieces for hats, eyes, etc. These were really really cute! Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens "Holiday Baking" Cookbook although we did our own thing!

Sugar Cone Spruce Trees
Using pointy-tip sugar ice cream cones

Ice cream cones with pointy ends
Pillsbury canned vanilla frosting
1 can Green Spray Mist
Confectioner's sugar
Green food coloring (we used the paste)
Mini assorted color candies

We sprayed each cone with Green Spray Mist to cover. Add Confectioner's sugar to canned frosting to thicken (if you use frosting out of the can, it will be too soft to hold the star decorating -- ask us, we tried it!)

Using a pastry bag with a star tip, we quickly covered the entire cone (put tip close to ice cream cone, squeeze bag and pull up and away quickly). White the frosting is still moist, push candies into the frosting.

Sleds (pictured above)
Graham crackers
Pillsbury canned vanilla frosting
Mini candy canes
Candy Jimmies sprinkles
Red licorice laces

Cut each graham cracker in half (trying to break the cookie was usually disasterous and we had to just eat them, dipped in frosting first, of course!) We spread white frosting over graham cracker, leaving some of the cookie showing around all sides. While the frosting is still moist, we added various colors of Candy Jimmies and even added some crumbled Christmas candies (used a zipper lock bag and a rolling pin to get mini chunks). We added the red licorice laces.

Christmas Tree Round Cookies
Using already-made round cookies or cookie dough from the grocery store.

Round sugar cookies
Pillsbury canned vanilla frosting
Confectioner's sugar
Green food coloring (we used paste)
Red Hot candies

We added some confectioner's sugar to the frosting and then added a dab of green food coloring, mixing well, until we got the color green we wanted. I used a pastry bag with a writing tip and my grandson cut the tip off a zipper lock bag and we started at the top of the cookie, making one continuous line of zig-zag frosting to form the tree. While frosting was still moist, we added one Red Hot candy to the top of the tree. Can't get much faster than this!

Santa Cookies
Using already-made Madeleine Cookies from the cookie section of your grocery store

Madeleine Cookies
Red Spray Mist
Pillsbury canned vanilla frosting
Confectioner's sugar
Red, blue and green food coloring (we used paste)
Cherry or red candy for the nose

We sprayed the top third of the Madeleine cookie with Red Spray Mist. We colored a small portion of the vanilla frosting: green for holly leaves, red for holly berries and blue for eyes.

I dabbed on white frosting for brim of the hat, tip of the hat, eyes and beard just to cover the cookie. Using a pastry bag with a writing tip, I added touches of white lines and squigglies to accent the brim and tip of the hat to resume fur and smaller squiggly lines to resemble Santa's curly beard. Add blue eyes, green leaves and red holly berries. Using a star tip, add mouth and rose red cheeks. Add cherry or red candy piece for the nose using a dab of frosting to hold it to the cookie.

Cookie Cutter Gifts
Using inexpensive tin or plastic cookie cutters, fill with fudge and decorate! You can make your own homemade fudge or buy it pre-made. I made these holiday gifts for many years, and the cookie cutter is a lasting gift after the fudge has been eaten!

After frosting decorating has dried, wrap each one in clear cellophane bag and tie with ribbon.

Spread white frosting over entire Snowman fudge. Color a little white frosting: Black for the hat, red for the scarf and mittens. Using black frosting, dab on the hat and while still moist, sprinkle with white sanding sugars. While the white frosting is still moist, sprinkle with white sanding sugars. Dab on red frosting for mittens and scarf and add star candy confetti sprinkles, one at a time. Add mini candies for eyes, mouth and coal buttons.

Holiday Light Bulb
Tree Ornament
Holiday Tree
Decorate as the photo shows or let yourself go and be creative!

Santa Crackers
Graham crackers
Pillsbury canned vanilla frosting
Red and rose food coloring (we used paste)
Mini Red Hot candies (eyes)
Red gumdrop (nose)
Mini marshmallows

We frosted the entire cookie with "pink" (use rose colorant) frosting. We snipped off the corner of a zipper lock bag and put a dab of "red" frosting on one corner of graham cracker, then using a small butter knife, spread the frosting to make the hat and while frosting was still moist, we added one mini marshmallow for tassel. We then added mini marshmallows for the beard, red-hot candies for the eyes and red gumdrop for the nose. If frosting dries out before you can add the accessories, just gently pat with a wet finger. Simple and easy craft for the kids!

Candies We used regular chocolate and white chocolate covered candies we purchased from See's Candies.

Easy and cute decorations for bakery-bought cookies
We used only white frosting and assorted mini candies. You don't have to be an expert cookie decorator.

Outline the cookies, make dots, swirls, stripes, etc. While the frosting (we used Betty Crocker canned frosting) dried, we pushed in mini candies so the frosting acted like "glue."

Lickety-Split Spoons from Betty Crocker
Using plastic throw-away spoons, these were so much fun to make and eat!

Plastic spoons, assorted colors
Betty Crocker canned frosting
Candy confetti Sprinkles
Clear plastic bags

We scooped the frosting out of the can and put it into a microwave-safe bowl. We microwaved it for 30 second intervals, adding a smidgen of milk, stirring and microwaving until the frosting was a thinner consistency. We dipped one spoon into the thinned warm frosting and moved it around until the entire "bowl" of the spoon was covered. We quickly sprinkled or dipped the frosted spoon with candy confetti sprinkles.

We then had butter knives laid out on waxed paper and placed each decorated spoon over the butter knife so the chocolate wouldn't get smooshed on the back side of the spoon. We let these dry overnight, then placed inside clear cellophane bags and tied with ribbon. Okay, okay.... we licked a few until all the frosting and candies were gone because they tasted so good!

Snowman 3-Dimensional Cookies
Using Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla Frosting and white fudge-covered chocolate sandwich cookies from the grocery store.

1/4 Cup Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla Frosting (from a 16-ounce can)
1 (14-ounce) pkg. white fudge-covered chocolate sandwich cookies
1 Tablespoon mini semisweet chocolate chips
10 small gumdrops
2 orange slice jelly candies, flattened slightly
Red writing/decorating gel

Place frosting in a small resealable food storage plastic bag. Cut tiny hole in bottom corner of the bag. On each sandwich cookie, use small amount of frosting to attach chocolate chips for the eyes.

Cut each gumdrop in half; attach cut sides with frosting to sides of cookie to resemble earmuffs. Attach small wedge cut from slightly flattened orange jelly candy for the nose. Draw mouth with red writing/decorating gel. Let stand about 30 minutes or until the frosting is set. Makes 20 cookies.

Cereal Holly Wreaths
2 cups Cheerios Cereal
1 cup (6-1/1 oz.) green candy melts
1 Tablespoon red cinnamon candies

We covered a cookie sheet with aluminum foil to hold the wreaths. Place cereal in a large bowl and pour melted candy melts over cereal. Wet your hands with cold water and shake off excess and toss to mix until well blended.

For each wreath, drop about 3 Tablespoons of the mixture onto the aluminum foil wrapped cookie sheet and mold into about a 3-inch wreath, remembering to leave the center open. Immediately add red hot candies. We left our wreaths dry for a couple of hours, then six wreaths into small clear cellophane bags and tied with holiday curly ribbons.

Crispy Tree Treats

1/4 cup margarine or butter
1 (10-oz.) pkg. regular sized marshmallows
1/4 teaspoon green food color
5 cups Rice Krispies cereal
16 small gumdrops, flattened
1/2 cup small gummi candies

We covered a cookie sheet with waxed paper to hold the trees. We melted the butter and marshmallows in a large soup pot over very low heat, stirring constantly until it was a smooth satiny mixture.

We removed the pot from the stove and stirring constantly, added a smidge of green food coloring (we used paste) until we got the color we wanted. The colored paste goes a long way, so use only a teensy bit at a time. We added the Rice Krispies cereal into the colored mixture. We rinsed our hands with cold water and shook off the excess, then mixed the cereal until it was well coated.

We continued to use cold water on our hands as we formed the cereal mixture into cone shapes (resembling trees). We cut small star shapes from the flattened gumdrops using a small sharp paring knife. and add to the top of each tree. We then added the gummi candies in various places on the trees to resememble holiday decorations. Be sure to immediately add the gumdrops and gummi candies while the cereal mixture is still warm so the candies will stick.

We couldn't work fast enough to form all the trees while the mixture was warm and soft, so we would put back on the stove for a brief moments, stirring constantly to warm up the mixture. PregnancyAndBaby.com

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