Recycle Your Creamer Jars For This Craft!

It's amazing what you can do with a little imagination, hot glue and an empty coffee creamer container. Amanda Formaro has details for creating a cheery Christmas decoration out of items you'd normally throw away.
Amanda Formaro

Inexpensive decorations
Ho Ho Ho! As Christmas quickly approaches, do you find yourself in need of some new decorations? Instead of running out and spending even more money, look around your kitchen for the perfect holiday craft.

You will need:
Empty plastic CoffeeMate creamer container
Several scraps of red or burgundy material
Scrap pieces of white fun fur
2-3 handfuls of Fiberfil
12" length of gold cord
Miniature toys and/or presents
2 small bunches of plastic holiday greenery with flowers
Flesh colored acrylic paint
Pink acrylic paint
Small paint brush
Hot glue gun
Black marker
Black ballpoint pen

Prep -- Peel label from empty creamer bottle, wash and dry. Paint face area with flash colored acrylic paint. Set aside to dry.

Hat -- Cut a piece of the red fabric into a triangle, about 6" x 6" x 6." Place the fabric, wrong side up, flat down on the work surface. In the center of the triangle, put a small amount of Fiberfil, stretch out the Fiberfil the length of the triangle.

Starting at one side, roll up into a cone shape so that the Fiberfil gives the hat enough body that it won't flop over. Hot glue in place.

Cut a small scrap of white fun fur and attach to the top of the hat. Hot glue the hat to the top of the creamer lid, stretching extra fabric to cover lid. If you do not have enough, simply glue the hat in place and cut a few scraps to cover and fill the gaps on the lid. Using a long scrap of fun fur, glue the brim of the hat in place.

Coat -- Cut a large rectangular scrap of the red fabric, approximately 8" high by 15" long. Glue the fabric around the body, with the crease in the back, out of sight. Glue in place. Cut two more strips of white fun fur, approximately 12-14" each.

Starting at the top of the red material, in the front of the Santa, glue strips in place as trim for the jacket. Glue all the way around the body. Trim any excess fun fur and red material and glue stragglers in place.

Face -- Use Fiberfil, glue on Santa's beard. Begin just under hat brim where ear would be, work your way completely around the face and back up to the other "ear." Draw on eyes with a black marker. Draw a small oval for the nose with a black ballpoint pen.

Dab sponge into pink paint and blot off extra onto a paper towel or newspaper. Continue blotting until almost all paint is gone. Gently dab remaining pink onto Santa's cheeks. Add a touch of pink to his nose.

Santa's bag -- Cut an 8" x 4" scrap of red material and lay, wrong side up, on the work surface. Place a small handful of Fiberfil in the center of the rectangle. Fold one 8" edge over the Fiberfil, fold the other 8" edge over the top of that, and glue in place.

Gather the long ends up so that the Fiberfil is now the center of the bag. Tie with gold cord. Glue on plastic toys and/or presents to top of bag. Tuck and fold rough edges of material to make bag look attractive. Glue the bag to the front of Santa's body.

Finishing touches
Hot glue a couple of sprigs of holiday flowers and greenery toward the bottom of the creamer bottle. Bend and twist as necessary to make it look as if Santa is standing near the


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