Prevent Time Crunches!

Even if you've made the best holiday plans, you still might find yourself in a time crunch. Kelly Cullison has some quick advice on how to lighten your load.
Kelly Cullison

Hectic season
It's that time of year again: the holidays are upon us. No matter how prepared you plan to be, the season always seems more hectic than we'd like. Here are some tips to help relieve some of that holiday stress.

Holiday shopping
Tip #1 -- Do it on the Internet, or through the mail.

Tip #2 -- Have gifts wrapped by the vendor and shipped directly to your recipient.

Tip #3 -- Recruit your kids to help you make gifts for the office, neighbors, etc. Create an assembly line for decorating cookies or putting ribbons on jars of spiced tea mix.

Tip #4 -- Avoid high-traffic days and periods. Shop during the week, but avoid lunch hour and the after-five rush.

Tip #5 -- Plan your shopping outings so you save time and gas.

Tip #6 -- Coordinate with others to consolidate your shopping. Know someone who is going to the Gap? Ask them to make your Gap purchase while you make theirs at another store.

Holiday parties
Tip #1 -- Cook all items beforehand, freeze them and then just pop them in the oven.

Tip #2 -- Buy prepared party trays from the grocery store or your favorite restaurant.

Tip #3 -- Do it potluck style.

Tip #4 -- Find a caterer who is willing to prepare food for your event for a discount in exchange for advertising.

Tip #5 -- Relax before the guests begin to arrive -- it's a party; enjoy it!

Tip #6 -- Have plenty of space for trash.

Tip #7 -- Put drinks in large tubs of ice and let guests help themselves.

Tip #8 -- Schedule a maid service for "day after" cleaning.

Best wishes in the coming new year!

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