For so long, children's furniture has been restricted to the nursery. For parents who love sleek, modern design, Jennifer DeLonge's children's furniture seamlessly transforms grown-up spaces into sophisticated yet child-friendly family rooms that are imaginative and playful. Jennifer, a designer by trade and a full time mom, became inspired to create the line while vacationing with her husband Tom DeLonge, frontman for Blink-182 and the new Angels & Airwaves. "I wanted to design pieces that had the same quality and construction as high-end adult furniture, but built on a smaller scale especially for kids," she says. Find out more about Jennifer's philosophy and get some home d?cor ideas from her here at Pregnancy & Baby!
Jennifer DeLonge

As the wife of a successful rock star, you probably don't want for much -- at least in a material sense. What went into your decision to get out there and create your own brand?

I have been an entrepreneur since the ripe age of 12. It has never been about money for me; it is about the creative process and the sense of accomplishment creating an item that is both beautiful and functional. I have always been a designer looking to solve a problem. I love designing items that the public adores for the high-quality construction and use of modern fabrics, but also the constant feedback we get. For example, we hear how much children love the Ava. It's a need that even the parents did not realize would empower their little ones so much. To see them be so content with a piece to call their own is priceless! I was excited to provide a product missing from the juvenile marketplace, but the most rewarding part has been the response from the toddlers!

Working on my own brand allows me to be a better wife, mother and friend. Having a sense of one's own accomplishments is so empowering for any woman, and I believe it is essential to a balanced and happy life. In doing so I am also teaching my children the invaluable lesson of believing on one's self and believing anything is

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