Although pregnancy and parenting don't require a degree, sometimes we can all benefit from a different point of view. Get some down-to-earth advice here from two real-life moms: the wise and witty -- and very opinionated -- Andi and Penelope.
Andi and Penelope

Dear Just Add Baby: Even though I'm 16 weeks pregnant, I know people just think I'm putting on weight. How can I tell them I'm pregnant without sounding defensive?

Andi: First, I'd assume that they already know you are pregnant... or think you might be.

Penelope: If you're female, under 60 and have a couple inches around your tummy -- trust me, they're wondering.

Andi: So this makes it easy to confirm their suspicions with some nice, subtle gestures and by dropping some hints into the conversation. The best place to begin is with the "belly pat." Simply stick out your tummy -- what there is of it -- and gently, almost absentmindedly, put your hand on top of your belly right under your ribs, giving your baby a soothing pat.

Penelope: We don't advise patting the underside of your belly -- that usually just looks like you ate too much or desperately need to find the bathroom.

Andi: Otherwise, subtly mention it in the context of your discussion: "When the baby comes..." or "After my maternity leave..."

Penelope: Just act like your pregnancy is perfectly obvious, and they'll play

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