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Author Rachel Gurevich specializes in empowering mothers and parents through her books and magazine articles. She's the author...
Author Rachel Gurevich specializes in empowering mothers and parents through her books and magazine articles. She's the author of The Doula Advantage: Your Complete Guide to Having an Empowering and Positive Childbirth with the Help of a Professional Labor Assistant, (Prima Publishing, 2003). The Doula Advantage received endorsements from Dr William Sears, America's pediatrician and author of more than 30 books, from Dr Mayer Eisenstein, medical director of Homefirst Health Services, and Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books. The book also received endorsements from doula professionals, including Tracy Peters of CAPPA and Pauline Perez.

Research has shown time and time again that doulas make a real difference during childbirth. Studies from all around the world, in all kinds of environments, have proved that doula support for the laboring mother leads to a more positive birth experience, to mothers feeling more confident and self-assured, to healthier outcomes, with less medical interventions such as cesarean sections and forceps deliveries, and to fewer requests for medication during birth.

One study demonstrated how doula support improves the relationship between the mother and father after the birth. This study is particularly interesting in light of the commonly held myth that doulas take away the father's role during birth. In fact, doulas allow the mother and father to concentrate on becoming parents instead of forcing a coach role on the nervous, expecting father, a role which often leads to arguments and disappointment. Fathers who before the birth may be hesitant to have a doula often become the greatest doula advocates afterward.

The Doula Advantage includes the voices of more than 200 mothers, fathers, and doulas, all talking about their experiences with doulas. The book includes detailed explanations and examples illustrating how doula do their work, practical advice on interviewing and finding the right doula, plus how to avoid the 'wrong' doula, and the amazing research on doulas explained in layman's terms. Not only are birth doulas discussed, but postpartum doulas and antepartum doulas, doulas that support women during a high-risk pregnancy, are covered as well.

Rachel's also the author of Become a Doula (FabJob.com, 2000). Become a Doula has become a part of many doula training programs and is listed on CAPPA's recommended reading list. She interviewed close to sixty doulas, childbirth educators and mothers while researching for the book. The advice and wisdom contained in the guide was compiled from hundreds of interview questions and answers from some of the most successful and compassionate doulas in the business. Their anecdotes and advice inspire both aspiring and veteran doulas alike.

Rachel's articles have appeared in more than 20 different publications including Pregnancy Magazine, ePregnancy Magazine, The Jewish Homemaker, Big Apple Parent, North West Baby and Child, and others. Her articles have appeared in various online magazines as well. She is a senior development editor for FabJob.com, named Writer's Digest's number one place to be published online, and she's been an assistant editor for Coincide Media for over five years.

Rachel is a stay-at-home mother to two children. The birth of her first son jump-started her interest in doulas and the needs of new parents. Rachel works from home full-time as a writer and editor. She also loves to hear from readers!

What people are saying about The Doula Advantage:

"Doula really do make a difference in having a safe and satisfying birth, as you will learn in this book." -- Dr William Sears, MD, coauthor of The Baby Book

"The Doula Advantage is a must-read for any woman thinking of using the services of a doula. The book is comprehensive, thought-provoking, and highly moving. Rachel Gurevich does an outstanding job making the case for doula care and paying tribute to the very important work that doulas do on behalf of laboring women." -- Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books and The Mother of All Baby Books

"I highly recommend The Doula Advantage for women who are thinking about getting pregnant, are pregnant, or who have just given birth -- as well as for anyone interested in how to become a doula. Kudos to Rachel Gurevich for bringing such an important topic to the public forum." -- Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH, author of The Home Birth Advantage

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