Are Your Personal Basic Needs Being Met?

A need is something we require for our well-being, like food, sunlight, contact with other humans; our needs should be non-negotiable, things we can not do without. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in life, in surviving, in getting ahead, we lose sight of these basic requirements. Don't let that happen! Healthy self-care begins with checking to see if you are meeting your basic needs, and then working to fulfill them.
by Jennifer Louden

When to do it
  • When you are vaguely dissatisfied, depressed or tense.
  • When you can't remember the last time you got a good night's sleep, relaxed, or ate a healthy meal.

What to do: A checklist
This list will help you create a picture of your lifestyle. Check off the needs you are meeting regularly.

  • Do you usually get six to eight hours of sleep?

  • Do you eat something fresh and unprocessed everyday?

  • Do you allow time in your week to touch nature, no matter how briefly?

  • Do you get enough sunlight, especially in the winter?

  • Do you drink enough water?

  • Do you see your gynecologist (or the equivalent) at least once a year?

  • Do you see a dentist every six months?

  • Do you know enough about your body and health needs?

  • Do you get regular sexual thrills?

  • Do you feel you get enough fun exercise?

  • Are you hugged and touched amply?

  • Do you make time for friendship?

  • Do you nurture your friendships?

  • Do you have friends you can call when you are down who really listen?

  • Can you honestly ask for help when you need it?

  • Do you regularly release your negative emotions?

  • Do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake?

  • Do you do things that give you a sense of fulfillment, joy and purpose?

  • Is there abundant beauty in your life?

  • Do you allow yourself to see beauty and to bring beauty into your home and office?

  • Do you make time for solitude?

  • Are you getting daily or weekly spiritual nourishment?

  • Can you remember the last time you laughed until you cried?

  • Do you ever accept yourself for who you are?
These questions are not meant to make you feel bad or guilty. They are only meant as kind reminders to help you see how you are currently caring for yourself.

A good question
Get in the habit of asking yourself, as often as possible, this magic question:

What do I need to help me better care for myself?

Slow down whenever you feel tense, strange or rotten, and take a minute to consider the question. This process will help activate your intuition, and speed you toward developing a range of ways to deeply nurture

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